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The Splendour of God, by Eric Hammond, [1909], at

Of Divine Humanity

O Son of Man! In My Ancient Entity and in My Eternal Being, was I hidden. I knew My Love in thee, therefore I created thee; upon thee I laid My Image, and to thee revealed My Beauty.

O Son of Man! I loved thy creation, therefore I created thee. Wherefore love Me, that I may

p. 97

acknowledge thee, and in the Spirit of Life confirm thee.

O Son of Existence! Thy paradise is My Love; thy heaven is My Nearness; therefore enter thou and tarry not. This was ordained for thee from Our Supreme Kingdom and exalted Majesty.

O Son of Humanity! If thou lowest Me, turn away from thyself; if My Will thou seekest, regard not thine own; that thou mayest die in Me and I live in thee.

O Son of Perception! My Fort thou art. Enter in that thou mayest be safe. My Love is in thee. Seek, and thou wilt find Me near.

O Son of Spirit! I have created thee rich! Why dost thou make thyself poor? Noble have I made thee! Why dost thou degrade thyself? Of the essence of knowledge have I manifested thee! Why searchest thou for another than Me? From the clay of Love I have kneaded thee! Why seekest thou another?

Turn thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest find Me standing within thee, Powerful, Mighty, and Supreme.

O Son of Perception! Look thou to My Face and turn from all save Me; for My Authority is eternal and shall never cease; My Kingdom is lasting and shall not be overthrown.

If thou seekest another than Me; yea, if thou searchest the universe for evermore, yet shall thy search be in vain.

p. 98

O Son of the Highest Sight! I have placed within thee a spirit from Me, that thou mightest be My Lover! Why hast thou forsaken Me and sought to love another?

O Son of Spirit! I created thee sublime, but thou hast degraded thyself. Therefore ascend to that for which thou wart created.

O Son of Man! Clothe thyself with My Beautiful Garment; and forfeit not thy portion from My Living Fountain, that thou mayest not thirst for ever.

O Son of Existence! Remember Me in My earth, that I may remember thee in My Heaven thus may our eyes delight therein.

O Son of the Throne! Thy hearing is My Hearing; hear thou with it. Thy sight is My Sight; see thou with it.

Thus mayest thou attest within thyself My Holiness; that I may attest within Myself a place of Exaltation for thee.

O Son of Humanity! The temple of being is My Throne! Purge it of everything, that I may descend therein to reign over it.

O Son of Existence! Thy heart is My Home; purify it for My Descent. Thy spirit is My Outlook; prepare it for My Manifestation.

O Son of Man! Put thy hand into My Treasury! Then will I lift My Head radiant above thy treasures.

O Son of Man! My Greatness is My Bounty

p. 99

to thee. My Majesty is My Mercy to thee; but that which is due to Me none can realise or comprehend. Verily I have treasured it in the stores of My Secrets, in the treasury of My Command;—as a favour to My servants and a mercy to My people.

O Children of the Spirit! Ye are My treasures, for in ye have I treasured the pearls of My Mysteries and the gems of My Knowledge.

O Son of Him who stood by His Own Entity in the Kingdom of Himself! Know that I have sent unto thee the fragrances of Holiness, have accomplished the Word in thee, have fulfilled the Bounty through thee, and have willed for thee what I have willed for Myself. Therefore be content in Me and thankful to Me.

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