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Of Disputation and Fault-Finding

Verily I say the most negligent of the servants is he who disputes and prefers himself to his brother.

Purge thy mind from malice and, free from envy, enter the presence of Unity.

The tongue is especially for the mention of Me; stain it not with slander. If the fire of self overcome ye, be mindful to remember your own faults, and speak not evil of My creatures; because each one of ye is more conscious and better informed of his own self than of My creatures.

p. 101

Hear no evil, and see no evil; degrade not thyself, nor lament. That is: speak no evil, that thou mayest not hear it. Think not the faults of others to be great, that thine own may not seem great. Approve not the abasement of any soul, that thine own abasement may not be exposed. Then, with stainless mind, holy heart, sanctified breast and pure thoughts, thou mayest be free during all the days of thy life, which are counted less than an instant, and with freedom may return from this mortal body to the paradise of Inner Significances and abide in the Immortal Kingdom.

Why hast thou overlooked thine own faults, and art observing defects in My servants? Whosoever does this is condemned by Me.

Breathe not the sins of any one as long as thou art a sinner. If thou doest contrary to this command, thou art not of Me. To this I bear witness.

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