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♄ (Saturn): its Function.

This planet is the embodiment of all that belongs to the science (or language) of form in art or nature, that being its function in the grand solar body; and it imparts its quality to the human organism mainly through the nerve fluid. Its function has to do with the scientific and religious principles which it embodies and expresses in a degree far in excess of our present intellectual ability to comprehend.

During the author's investigation into the nature and quality of Saturn, he became convinced that it was the grandest and most perfect planet in our solar system, and that its rings were spirit-zones, luminous with Divine life, having come into perfect harmony with the same. We shall not attempt to prove this, but find it is in accordance with all its expressions through human intelligence, as revealed by this system. It is shaped like a triune magic circle, in compliance with which formula all the magicians of antiquity executed their wonderful feats. Even the temple of Jerusalem was built on that plan, only with the circle squared.

In dealing with a planet embodying such an elevated class of attributes, it is difficult to find words for expressing its exact influence in the different functions of the human organism, and in the different innate natures

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of the twelve signs; therefore, much depends on the organic quality of the person, for its complete expression; yet it never can be fully expressed by any one individual on this planet, but will always create in the human family aspirations for the embodiment of its lofty and grand qualities, which from their nature exert their strongest effects in the mental and intuitive faculties.

♄ (Saturn) in ♈ (Aries).

This position gives order, harmony, and clearness to the thought, greatly facilitating the expression of ideas, giving keen perception of form and use; fine mechanical intuitions, and general ability for any or all pursuits: and the general character may be given as possessing the higher qualities and finer abilities essential in all branches of intellectual effort, with a special fitness to scientific thought and research; and where mechanism is the dominant quality, imparting the highest order of inventive genius. It somewhat obviates the liability to difficulties of the brain, insanity, etc.

♄ (Saturn) in ♉ (Taurus).

In this position Saturn adds of its characteristics to the entire nature, giving order and harmony so far as the innate nature will admit; also peculiar intuitions and intuitional guidance to success in life, so that such persons, though frequently extravagant and sometimes eccentric, will scarcely ever come to want. It gives beauty and elegance to writing, art, composition, or poetry, and kindness and benevolence to the character. It enters into the sensations, making a very sensitive

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person, judging of character by the feelings which the states of others communicate. It also imparts spiritual sight, discernment of things to come, intuitive and psychometric power, and often strong intuitive likes and dislikes, having quick discernment as to the nature and character of people at sight.

This position of Saturn throws the scientific and religious tendencies into their feelings and senses, and may be controlled intellectually or otherwise.

♄ (Saturn) in ♊ (Gemini).

In this position it contributes its nature to intellectual and scientific uses, and usually controls the business inclination in that direction.

It gives great love of scientific knowledge, and a desire to make it practical and useful to the world. It gives artistic and mechanical abilities, and sometimes, when the organism is not well balanced, it makes eccentric characters.

It is apt to give a childlike simplicity in appearance, and creates a restless activity in the brain, and a constant desire to know. It sometimes gives very fine intuitions and inventive genius; also studious mind with high aspirations.

♄ (Saturn) in ♋ (Cancer).

This turns the nature of Saturn in the direction of domestic life; and if the intellect controls the person, the mind will be largely occupied with ideas of domestic and social sciences and reforms, frequently subjugating all the faculties to those purposes. If these conditions

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are counteracted by other planetary influences, it will take the form of neatness and order in home life, with great love of harmony and peace.

It sometimes adds love of music, and usually creates dissatisfaction with old conditions and relations of home life. It causes a person to love the intellectual and scientific in others, and to look up to and respect those who possess such talents. It adds strength and often breadth to the chest, contributes to the sensations, and refines and intensifies the sexual desires.

♄ (Saturn) in ♌ (Leo).

This creates in the affections an ardent longing and aspiration toward the attributes embodied by Saturn, entering into and characterizing the feelings, emotions, and even passions; creating an ardent and ideal love nature, and a constant reaching out for something grander and higher than that already realized. It imparts its higher nature to the whole person, and to the mind an unsatisfied and aspiring condition. While it makes persons true, loving, and confiding, they usually over-estimate the object of their affection; and when they discover their mistake, they feel the disappointment keenly, and turn away, thus seeming to be unreliable. It is apt to turn the mind into an ideal and dream state, making it hard for a person to come down to the realities of this world. Where such a condition exists, the parents should carefully instruct children regarding the practical realities of life, letting them experience and learn something of the cold, hard facts of existence while still young, and it will be the

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means of saving them from mistakes and disappointments in after-years.

This position gives adaptation to poetry and novel-writing, but, perverted, or improperly educated, gives liability to prevarication.

♄ (Saturn) in ♍ (Virgo).

This strengthens the digestive function, gives too great love for refined and tasty food, yet a strong inclination toward hygienic diet.

It refines the intuitions, and gives spiritual tendencies; clear spiritual vision; foresight in business, or in whatever direction the mind may lead.

♄ (Saturn) in ♎ (Libra).

This is quite a harmonious position, and contributes spiritual and intuitive power, inclining to visions, which are usually symbolic forms represented by the nature of men, birds, beasts, reptiles, insects, earth, air, water, and all forms of nature expressive of quality and use. It also contributes to every department of mechanical genius; gives expression to the eye and strength to the vocal and sexual organs. In the higher order of humanity it gives intuitions concerning a nobler state of social and domestic life; but when confined in lower conditions, it gives inclination to licentiousness: it contributes order and harmony to the mental faculties in general.

♄ (Saturn) in ♏ (Scorpio).

As Scorpio is the generator of life and mental power in the organism, Saturn contributes here some of its

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general characteristics to every function of the mind, but in a very limited degree, especially while this function is kept on the lower plane of generation and sensual gratification; and when found in this sphere, it will only be enabled to contribute a natural tact to please the public and conform to the conventionality of this sign; but in those persons who are trying to rise above the influence of the passions, its contributions are carried up, and result in harmonizing the whole body and mind, finding expression through all the faculties that may be called into use in that direction, and creating strong soul aspirations toward its qualities.

♄ (Saturn) in ♐ (Sagittarius).

As this is mainly a mechanical sign, Saturn is here largely dependent upon the mechanical powers for expression, wherein it gives elegance and refinement, and frequently great attainments in art. It aids in music, and where language is in the innate nature, it will give elegance, harmony, and beauty to the expression. It finds ready embodiment in the ministerial and spiritual tendency of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius being in the muscular system, this position of Saturn gives order and harmony to muscular action. To all parts of the body below this sign it gives love of science, and tact, efficiency, and elegance, in their executive work.

♄ (Saturn) in ♑ (Capricorn).

This gives adaptation for religious and scientific professions. It controls the business department of one's

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life, and conforms it to the nature of Saturn as far as possible.

If other conditions lead toward trade, it will give inclination to deal in fine goods, with good judgment as to quality of the same; also neatness, elegance, and order in all they do. It makes them sensitive to anything coarse, gross, or sensual.

It creates a love of the spiritual, with aspirations toward the same. It frequently gives special endowment for mechanical pursuits, intuitive musical power, and great inventive genius pertaining to the finer principles and elements of nature.

♄ (Saturn) in ♒ (Aquarius).

Herein it affects the nerves of sense, and gives love of activity and motion; love of beauty and elegance in the same; love for the theatre and adaptation to the stage; large approbativeness; pride of personal appearance; and power to please others. It creates fine sensibilities, and where the innate nature is sensitive, sometimes even inclines one to shrink away from the world.

It readily unites with other conditions in adapting one for public service in all directions, and harmonizes with all that belongs to art, elegance, and beauty. It endows the Aquarius nature with a somewhat servile fear of public opinion.

♄ (Saturn) in ♓ (Pisces).

This gives physical activity, love of travel, and sometimes tendency to melancholy. In studious natures it increases their capabilities of learning from teachers or

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books. It adds to the mechanical abilities, and in scientific natures contributes to their love of experiment and research.

This position of Saturn is somewhat remote from the vital functions, as Pisces belongs to the understanding of the material world, and therefore its expression would be dependent upon the materialistic mind; and .as this planet embodies all the elements of order and harmony, which are the two main attributes of life, health, and happiness, therefore it follows that the person would lack this order and harmony, except so far as the nature of Pisces is able to utilize it. We must constantly remember, in delineating character, to give due regard to this principle in the several uses of the different signs in which Saturn appears; for the expression of its attributes will be dependent on the function of the particular sign in which it is found. In this position it would therefore contribute love of music, dancing, and the harmonious movements and manifestations of nature.

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