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♃ (Jupiter): its Function.

Jupiter's prominent characteristics are size and strength, as it is the largest planet in the solar system (being fourteen hundred times larger than the earth). It imparts love of grandeur, harmony, art, music, beauty, and physical excellence. It also contributes refining and spiritualizing qualities and lofty and grand aspirations.

In reading character, these principles are added and combined with the innate principles of the sign in which the planet is found at birth; so the planet's nature will be manifested in that part of the body which this sign represents, and be dependent on the uses of that function for means of expression: therefore we must consider that special part of the body as controlling, and the principles of Jupiter as serving; so that the above results obtain only under favorable conditions. But when these conditions are strongly opposed by the innate nature, the polarity, and the other planetary conditions, it may so restrain the influence of Jupiter, as to prevent its manifesting itself to any great extent.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♈ (Aries).

In this position Jupiter contributes its nature to the intellectual faculties, imparting an appreciation of the

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sublime, the imposing, the magnificent, and stately, elegance, beauty, and symmetry being sought and appreciated. These qualities may readily blend with, and be modified by, other conditions, but they are pretty sure to have a feeling of pride and self-importance; and if not properly balanced in other directions, their exalted ideas may lead into various forms of extravagance. Should they take the direction of mental aspiration, it might lead them to great heights; but it requires very harmonious conditions in other directions, or a very careful education, for a person to become a wholly useful member of society, with Jupiter in Aries.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♉ (Taurus).

This intensifies the sensational nature, making a person quiet and inexpressive, feeling more than they say; though they may have clear, well-defined language. It strengthens the sexual powers, giving great vitality to the physical body, fine sensations, great love of the physical organism, fear of death or pain, and impatience under suffering. It contributes love of personal abilities, and of excellence and purity in life, yet gives some inclination to self-gratification.

It enters into all the inner feelings, sensations, and intuitions, but its whole nature is very easily controlled by a leading tendency of character, so that all that has been said above may assume one phase or another, according to the control of some leading characteristic. If a person is born in Scorpio, it will give pride, self-esteem, and dignity, which are leading features of that sign. If in Gemini or Sagittarius, it imparts quiet energy and

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high aspirations: thus to each sign it will contribute of its nature, though often dominated by other leading planetary conditions.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♊ (Gemini).

This gives high aspirations after knowledge of all kinds, receptivity of new thought, and illumination and exaltation of the mind, especially in the direction of great undertakings and attainments in life. It gives energy and perseverance in surmounting difficulties, even to the extent of feeling that nothing is impossible of accomplishment. In the active, intellectual mind it develops images of greatness and grandeur apparently original with them, toward which they aspire and labor. It often gives abundance and elegance in language, and is a strong incentive to public speaking.

Where this is the only business tendency appearing, and the innate nature is also adapted, we may safely say that such persons are natural orators. This position of Jupiter gives breadth to the chest and strength, to the voice, and being in its natural home position, it controls the interior characteristics, and may be considered the controlling planet.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♋ (Cancer).

This characterizes the love of home, with all the greatness and grandeur, elegance and beauty, of Jupiter's great nature.

It often creates dissatisfaction in the home life, from the fact that they will never be able to make it sufficiently magnificent to suit their ideal. It gives great

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love of refinement, adds faithfulness and love in the conjugal relations, and strong attachment to children.

It frequently gives suavity, also activity, to the desire to amass wealth, and strengthens the lungs and chest. It sometimes, however, overpowers the vitativeness, and gives tendency to consumption.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♌ (Leo).

This gives pride of person, reputation, or position in life, and dignity and harmony of action to the whole body; frequently producing an easy, gliding motion in walking.

It gives love of elegant and harmonious surroundings, making it very difficult for such an one to live in poverty. It expresses the fact that such persons belong to a natural aristocracy. It gives very great love of music, frequently making one an intuitive musician. It spiritualizes the mental tendencies; makes one very sensitive to surroundings; contributes strong lung powers, and a desire for large, spacious rooms in their dwellings, open, airy surroundings, with plenty of sunlight, and imparts health and vitality to the body.

This position obviates all liability to diseases of the respiratory and circulatory system. In cases of vital exhaustion, however, the heart would be affected; but this would be due to other causes. With persons born in signs giving liability to paralysis, if they have an over-supply of vitality, might produce sudden stroke, and would also increase the liability of those born in Scorpio to heart disease.

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♃ (Jupiter) in ♍ (Virgo).

This position of Jupiter gives powerful digestion, also a love of rich and highly seasoned food in great abundance and variety. It would also give the qualifications of a first-class cook. It aids in building up a strong body, giving great endurance and tenacity of life, and a love and appreciation of all its good things. It gives activity and power to the sex nature, and unless otherwise balanced would incline to excesses in that direction. It gives to the intuitions mechanical order and discrimination, and therefore fitness for any branch of art or mechanics; also aptitude to refined educational pursuits.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♎ (Libra).

This position usually gives a strong physical body, and especially a strong back, and great sex power. It controls the perceptions in the direction of art, order, harmony, and executive ability, and is apt to create too high an ideal of the sex life in the minds of children. In females it obviates liability to the many local weaknesses peculiar to the sex, save to exhaustion from over-activity, from which cause derangement would be induced.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♏ (Scorpio).

This gives strength to the sex function; contributes to pride and conventionality; adapts the person for public life; creates in the mind an exalted ideal of the

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sex function, and sometimes disregard for the marriage covenant. Being in the source of physical life, it elevates and dignifies that function.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♐ (Sagittarius).

This gives extreme executive ability, and tendency to overdo, and lay out more work for themselves and others than it is possible to accomplish. Such persons are usually found with a rather weak constitution, because of this over-executive tendency.

As Sagittarius has mechanical and ideal characteristics, Jupiter tends to increase their mechanical, ideal, poetic, and artistic qualities. It gives grace and beauty to the muscular action, and a special tendency to sculpture.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♑ (Capricorn).

This position of Jupiter enlarges business ideals, and gives a person conceptions of a new and grander order of things relative to social and domestic life. It creates a dissatisfaction with the old business and social conditions, and tends toward eccentricities; but when properly balanced and governed, it inclines the business life in the direction of music and art; but is apt to lead to larger business undertakings than they can successfully manage.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♒ (Aquarius).

This creates an ideal of great business organizations and undertakings with and among the people. It gives strong love of public life and associations and inclination

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to politics. In the physical, it inclines one to be active on the feet, and imparts strength to the muscles of the lower limbs.

♃ (Jupiter) in ♓ (Pisces).

This gives a person strong feet, with a disposition for their active use. It lessens one's love of home, and gives a great desire to travel, and love of new places and scenes; also qualifications for a travelling or business solicitor, circus or theatrical agent; or position where enterprise, grandeur, and display are called for; also gives qualification for dealing in lands, foreign securities, or to occupy the position of foreign consul.

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