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The Sun is the centre of the solar system; the seven nearest planets that revolve around this centre are named in the following order, commencing nearest the Sun: Mercury, Venus, Earth or Zendah, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus or Herschel 1. Mercury completes one revolution around the Sun in about 88 days; Venus, in 224⅔ days; Earth, in 365¼ days; Mars, in 687 days; Jupiter, in 11 years, 315 days; Saturn, in 29½ years; Uranus, in 84 years.

These planets correspond to, and are embodiments of, the seven creative principles in nature (see diagram of the seven-pointed star), and are strongest in power and effect when in the seven vital signs at birth, viz.: ☿ (Mercury), in Libra; ♀ (Venus), in Virgo; ⊕ (Earth), in Leo; ♂ (Mars), in Cancer; ♃ (Jupiter), in Gemini; ♄ (Saturn), in Taurus; and ♅ (Uranus), in Aries.

The signs of the zodiac were discovered by the ancients, who appear to have been in the breath of the solar fluid to a far greater extent than the people of modern times, who live a life and are in such knowledges as pertain to the more immediate atmosphere of our earth. It is claimed by the Swedish seer Swedenborg that the event known to biblical history as the fall of man was attended by a recedence from, or loss

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of, an interior breath, and consequent loss of, and severance from, the elemental and exalted states of purity, holiness, and that ever-present intuitive knowledge which had preserved him in the order and harmony of the heavens.

While man remained in this interior spiritual and solar breath he was, so to speak, in the immediate presence of God, and was wonderfully enlightened in the nature and quality of the material heavens, and of the knowledge of how they inflowed and affected all animate, and even the so-called inanimate objects of earth. This gave them an instinctive knowledge of the quality and uses of all material things, which intuitive knowledge is that which controls the lower orders of animate nature without their rational comprehension, though they yield instinctive obedience to its laws.

In going back to the foundations of history we find mankind in an ignorant, barbarous state, retaining, it is true, here and there traces of that lofty nature he possessed when in the breath of the solar fluid; but to the masses this had wholly departed, leaving them merely immersed in the elements of the earth and its natural atmosphere, with a long career of suffering and research before them ere they should again come into that loftier and larger life, that wisdom, health, power, and happiness that can only be known to those whose life inbreathes the higher atmospheres of the universe. In our introduction we have referred to the work of the restoration of the twelve natures of the zodiac in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as exemplified in the twelve sons and twelve tribes of Israel descending therefrom. It should be observed that the ancient people understood

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and defined the vast atmosphere or solar fluid of our system to be identical with the life forces of a Grand Man, and had found the various functions, arranged in a circle, forming the twelve departments or signs of the zodiac, and had so mapped them out in divisions of thirty degrees each. A remnant of this knowledge had been kept alive, especially in the minds of the acknowledged prophets and leaders of the people, and we find the movement for the restoration of the true order of humanity through the twelve sons of Jacob, not only proceeding in accordance with this system of solar laws, but the scribes as well manifest a measure of understanding regarding the same.

We are all familiar with the various changes and seasons that are periodically occurring on our planet, Earth. It is logical to infer that there are grand seasons which transpire from analogous causes in the history of our solar system. The early Grecian poets maintained this idea, and set forth that humanity had receded from a vernal or golden period, and was to pass through, as it were, a long winter or night of affliction and sorrow, but like the prophets of Israel they foresaw, in the far future, the return of sunshine, peace, and prosperity.

For the past hundred or more years there has been a wonderful quickening in the human mind and nature; it has blossomed into a knowledge of practical science, multiplied useful inventions and industrial processes: these, like the swelling buds that we see in nature, are indices that the spring is at hand. The solar fluid is again beginning to course through the grand body of humanity; a new vernal period is at hand; the

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ice-bound heart and lungs of the earthly nature is beginning to breathe again the vernal fluid of the solar world, or grand solar man, and the genial spirit of the higher spheres is descending like a glorious soul into a prepared and enlightened human body. Thus much in the way of expansive and descriptive thought, and we return again to the details of this Solar Science.

Our own observations conclusively prove that the solar fluid of the ecliptic, in which the earth and other planets move, contains the elements of the human organism, corresponding to the twelve departments of the human body.

It is necessary to become familiar with the signs of the zodiac, which we give below, followed by a description of their significance:—


♎, Libra, Balance.

 ♈, Aries, Ram.

♏, Scorpio, Scorpion.

♉, Taurus, Bull.

♐, Sagittarius, Archer.

♊, Gemini, Twins.

♑, Capricorn, Goat.

♋, Cancer, Crab.

♒, Aquarius, Water-bearer.

♌, Leo, Lion.

♓, Pisces, Fishes.

♍, Virgo, Virgin.

The sign ♎ (Libra) corresponds to the department of the reins, which contain the energies, or elements of generation. This sign governs the back, and lower part of the spinal column, the kidneys, and the perceptive faculties of the mind and eyes. This position of the earth commences at the autumnal meridian, about the 22d of September, and continues to the 23d of October.

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The sign ♏ (Scorpio) represents the department of the reproductive organs, and is the foundation or fire-principle of the nature, giving snap and vim to the entire system, feeding and sustaining the mind and life of the body, when not abused in its specific reproductive uses. The earth enters this sign on the 23d of October, and continues therein until the end of the 21st of November.

The sign ♐ (Sagittarius) marks the department of the thighs, and represents those forces which contribute to the building up of the muscular system and motor nerves, and stands as the protective, sustaining, and serving department of the reproductive nature. The earth enters this sign on the 22d of November, continuing therein until the end of the 20th of December.

The sign ♑ (Capricorn) marks the department of the knees, which are the general locomotors of the body, and representative servers of the business department of the human family. The earth enters this sign on the 21st of December, and continues therein until the end of the 19th of January.

The sign ♒ (Aquarius) marks the department or function of the calves of the legs and nerves of sensation, and corresponds to the uses of the body as a whole. The earth enters this sign on the 20th of January, and continues therein until the end. of the 18th of February.

The sign ♓ (Pisces) marks the department of the feet, which are the foundation servers on which the whole body depends. They form a connecting link between inanimate nature and the wonderful vital structure known as the human body, not merely in its

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physical, but in its intellectual department and functions as well. The earth enters this sign on the 19th of February, and remains therein until the end of the 20th of March.

The sign ♈ (Aries) marks the department of the head, which sums up in a representative capacity the governing and controlling forces of the entire body, its office being to preserve an equilibrium and harmony of the functions through its medium,—the nerve fluid. It stands as the analytical reasoner concerning all matters pertaining to physical nature. The earth enters this sign on the 21st of March, and remains therein until the end of the 18th of April.

The sign ♉ (Taurus) marks the department of the back and base of the brain, anatomically known as the cerebellum. It controls the neck and lymphatic system, and governs the general principles of sense. The earth enters this sign on the 19th of April, and continues therein until the close of the 19th of May.

The sign ♊ (Gemini) belongs to, and marks the department of the hands and arms, and embodies the functions of art and mechanics, especially in their executive department. The earth enters this sign on the 20th of May, and continues therein until the close of the 20th of June.

The sign ♋ (Cancer) governs the maternal breast, the lacteals, and the respiratory system, and is the mother nature, and provides for the body. The earth enters this sign on the 21st of June, and remains therein until the close of the 21st of July.

The sign ♌ (Leo) marks the department of the heart and circulatory system, and may be regarded as the

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fountain of love and emotion. The earth enters this sign on the 22d of July, and remains therein until the end of the 21st of August.

The sign ♍ (Virgo) pertains to the solar plexus and digestive system, and controls the selection of food for the nourishment of the body. The earth enters this sign on the 22d of August, and continues therein until the close of the 21st of September.

The order of the signs of the zodiac bring the head and feet together, like the position of a child in the womb.

The divisions of the solar fluid have well-defined limits, clearly distinguishing them from each other, so that a few hours earlier or later make a marked difference, characterizing a nature as belonging to one or the other sign; but as it is evident that the earth is sometimes fast or slow in its movements through space, the exact position of the earth in relation to these boundary lines is subject to a slight degree of uncertainty, which is mainly confined to Leo, Virgo, and Libra; therefore we have to be careful when the date of birth is within one or two days of the line either way. For instance, we give the morning of the 22d of September as marking the line between Virgo and Libra; yet we have found cases where the parties claimed to be born on the 24th of September, yet, in point of fact, had the nature of Virgo; and another person, born on the 22d of September, had the nature of Libra. The general tendency is for a person to come distinctively under one sign or the other, and exceptions to this rule are rare; and in the few instances where we have come across such natures, we

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have found the right and left lobe of the brain separated by a marked cavity, and each lobe possessed of distinct characteristics.

In delineating character, one comes readily (in these doubtful cases) to determine, by leading symptoms and characteristics, to which of the signs they belong, and whether to one or both.

This system deals entirely with the signs or divisions of the zodiac, and has nothing to do with the position of the constellations.

These twelve natures of the zodiac are also grouped into four general departments, or trinities, each embracing three signs, beginning with the meridian and solstice lines, as follows:—


(See Diagram No. 5.)

The Reproductive Trinity begins at the autumnal meridian, September 22, and ends at the winter solstice, December 21.

The Serving Trinity begins at the winter solstice, December 21, and ends at the spring meridian, March 21. The Intellectual Trinity begins at the spring meridian, March 21, and ends at the summer solstice, June 21.

The Maternal Trinity begins at the summer solstice, June 21, and ends at the autumnal meridian, September 22.

The first sign of each trinity governs the general principles belonging to that grand division, and is the head of the trinity; and persons born in them are disposed to be more independent and self-sufficient characters; and when a planet appears in one of them, in a

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person's nativity, it adds its power and effect to the general principles of that head.

In case the most of the planets are in heads of trinities when a person is born, it will give an inclination to deal with general principles to the neglect of minutiæ, and also give strong self-reliant tendencies.

♎ (Libra) is the head of the trinity of the reproductive function, which is the trinity that controls the world mainly at this time, and leads to conventionality.

♏ (Scorpio) represents the interior uses of the reproductive system, and governs the private domestic life of this age.

♐ (Sagittarius) is the executor, soldier, and server in that special department.

♑ (Capricorn) is the head of the trinity of the general business and serving department, and is a generalizer and planner in business schemes tending to monopolies.

♒ (Aquarius) represents the interior uses in business,—the trader, the merchant, and the political financier.

♓ (Pisces) belongs to the mechanical, and is the restless searcher after knowledge in all departments of the externalities of life.

♈ (Aries) is the head of the trinity of the intellectual faculties.

♉ (Taurus) is the interior and supplier of intellectual power.

♊ (Gemini) is the expresser of mental intelligence, and its uses are exemplified in mechanics, artists, educators, and orators.

♋ (Cancer) is the head of the maternal trinity, whose .nature lies at the foundation of domestic life, and in its larger sense embraces the neighborhood and nation.

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♌ (Leo) is the interior and love nature of the family relations, and also of the fraternal in a wider sense.

♍ (Virgo) is the expresser, chemist, and discriminator; the regulator of the minutiæ of service in all departments of domestic life.


The Solar Fluid is an ethereal atmosphere or sea of fluidic element pervasive of, and limited by, our solar system; the sun being a reciprocal centre for the interchange of forces, while this ethereal atmosphere, or sea, forms a natural and necessary medium for the transmission of their motions and potencies from planet to planet, and also holds in solution the primal and basic elements of all possible life and thought to be evolved within the confines of our solar system. These thought and life forces have a gravity or attraction towards the respective planets in a degree proportioned to the quality or function of the planet and the adaptability of the forces to find expression therein. Thus each planet is a progressive electro-vital or mental battery of a specific kind, receiving and emitting the elements of life and thought formation, varied in kind and degree by their ever-changing positions from department to department of the zodiac, so that whatever may be the position of a planet, its own nature, together with the polarity or added qualities derived from its position, are impressed upon all the worlds of our system through the pervasive, delicate, and perfect conductivity of the solar ether or fluid. Therefore, with a knowledge of the quality and function of the respective planets, we

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are enabled to determine to what part of a child's nature these qualities will be transmitted by ascertaining through which sign of the zodiac a planet was passing at the time of the child's birth.

Therefore a planet in Libra would give its power and function to the reins, and the mental faculties which the reins express, and so with all the planets throughout their varying positions in the twelve signs of the zodiac.


Mercury is nearest the Sun, and its nature is physical power, and its function is largely that of generation, perception, memory.

Venus represents conjugal love, and its powers relate to the solar plexus and department of digestion and nutrition.

The Earth represents the heart, and governs mainly the general love and emotional nature, and is an important centre of circulation throughout our entire planetary system.

Mars governs the breasts and maternal function, the love of family, and family relations, finding its larger expression in patriotism, love of the people, and even embracing the brotherhood of humanity.

There are several hundred minor planets, or asteroids, located between Mars and Jupiter. Kepler, a German astronomer, suggested the fact that, according to the law of inter-planetary spaces, there should be a planet somewhere in this position; this led to careful telescopic research, which ultimated in the discovery of

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this numerous family of asteroids. Their function relates to the lungs, and their natural office is to strengthen the system and purify the blood. The greater the number that is found at the time of birth in the sign Gemini, which governs the breast, the stronger will be the lung power, and, as a consequence, its vitalizing action on the system. At present we have no ephemerides, to guide us in locating the positions of the asteroids, but refer to them, hoping we may have soon.

For important suggestions regarding these asteroids, see Appendix.

Next in position is Jupiter, controlling the shoulders and arms, whose nature is that of art, especially sculpture. It imparts a love of the beautiful, the grand, and sublime.

Saturn governs the thought and expression of form, and imparts the scientific and religious principles.

The next, and highest planet that we as yet make use of, is Uranus, sometimes called Herschel. Its nature is that of the occult forces and spiritual susceptibilities.

The other planets, except Vulcan, are so remote that we cannot, as yet, define definite mental traits as being derived from their positions. They undoubtedly have relation to the finer fluids of the system, and operate to the strengthening of the mind and will in spiritual and religious matters.

Vulcan, the nearest to the Sun, has as yet no ephemerides.

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The earth is a centre around which the moon revolves every 27½ days; its zodiac, like that of the sun, is divided into twelve signs, but is given in reverse; that is, the position in which Aries is found in the sun's zodiac is Libra in the zodiac of the earth. The common almanac has this zodiac laid out accurately, with the exception of the change that has been made in most almanacs, to make them agree with the positions of the constellations, which places them one sign backward; thus, when the moon is in Aries, the almanac has it in Pisces, and so on with all the signs. By counting one sign ahead of the position as given in the almanac, the correct position is secured. In the case of the moon, as well as in the sun's zodiac, we deal with the signs, and not with the constellations. See Diagram No. 5.

The earth's zodiac controls the reasoning faculties more than the intuitions, and acts upon the intelligence and life forces like a magnet upon a needle. For instance, if the moon is in Capricorn, and the person is born in any other sign, the life forces will apparently start from that part of the body corresponding with the sign of the sun's zodiac in which he was born, and express itself in Capricorn (the knees), the part of the body in which they were polarized by the moon's position in the earth's zodiac, for the position of the earth in the sun's zodiac at the time of a person's birth, forms the basic or innate principle of the physical nature and nerves of sensation; and the life forces start from this sign, and then tend toward the sign in which the moon was at the person's birth.

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We often find that diseased conditions arise from that part of the body in which the earth was at birth, and pains will often be felt going from that part towards the part of the body in which the moon was at birth, as if it were a centre of attraction; but sometimes it is felt in the sign of the moon first, and frequently in the nerves leading towards that part.

Then, again, the mind is directed toward subjects relating to the nature of the sign in which the moon was at birth, which we denominate as the polarity of the nature of the person.


A person is always attracted towards another by being polarized towards the sign in which the other was born. For illustration: a person born in Leo when the moon was in Sagittarius (thus being polarized in Sagittarius) would be naturally attracted toward a person born in Sagittarius, and there will always be a natural attraction between persons born in any sign and persons polarized in that sign.

The twelve signs through which the earth passes give the twelve basic principles in the nature, and there are twelve polarities in each of these signs, and thirteen changes each year, because the moon makes its revolution through all the signs of the earth's zodiac in a little less than the time it takes the earth to pass through one sign of the sun's, or yearly, zodiac; for the moon makes about thirteen revolutions while the earth is making one; and twelve persons born in the same sign of the sun's zodiac, in the same year, may each be

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polarized in a different sign of the twelve of the earth's zodiac, which would give mental conditions as if twelve persons of the same nature were standing in a high tower with twelve windows which opened upon twelve distinctly different scenes, each looking out of a different window and being wholly absorbed in that which he saw. Then these persons, all having the same innate or basic nature, would be occupied in twelve different directions, and their expressions would all be on subjects relating to these twelve different conditions, so that, from all external appearances, it would be their nature to act, speak, and think from the principles embodied in the sign towards which they are polarized. Thus persons polarized towards the innate nature of another readily understand and sympathize with them.


Marriages frequently occur through sympathy arising from polarity, and a tolerable degree of harmony sometimes results therefrom; yet such sympathy is by no means a reliable guide. But there is a natural attraction existing between persons born in opposite signs of the sun's zodiac which is a better guide in this direction, and may be illustrated by the following formula, viz.:—

Aries is the exact opposite of Libra; Taurus the exact opposite or Scorpio; and so on around the entire zodiac.

Libra is the conservator of the life forces, and the container and expresser of the psychic force, while Aries forms this power into thought.

p. 45

Scorpio is the generator of the life force and sex principle, and Taurus is the brain power that controls it.

Sagittarius is the physical expresser, server, and protector, while Gemini is the intellectual expresser and artificer.

Capricorn is the generalizer in business plans, and Cancer in the home relations.

Aquarius is the trader, and Leo is the server in the . home relations.

Pisces is the understanding, the mechanic; Virgo, the discriminator and the perceptive power.

Our observations prove that, according to this system, harmony exists when opposites marry; but there is much greater harmony where these opposites are polarized together by the moon.

Persons marrying after the above order are sure to have good children, if they themselves are good moral persons; but this belongs mainly to the law of creation, by which society is now governed, and not necessarily to the law governing the higher spiritual and mental attainments, made through chastity, as previously explained under the conservation of the life essence, and its uses in higher unfoldment.

There is another principle of attraction very marked, which is of persons born in adjoining signs, which operates as follows: There would be a natural sympathy existing between persons born in Leo and those born in either Cancer or Virgo, unless very adverse conditions existed in each other's nature through habits of life.

If we should take twelve persons born in the twelve signs, and seat them in a circle facing inwardly in the order in which the earth travels through these signs,

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there would be great harmony, and mental, physical, and even spiritual power realized, as active in all comprising the circle.

Those in the signs nearest the head always illuminate and assist the mental and spiritual faculties, while those below them give power to all the functions of the body and mind.

In marriages between persons in adjoining signs, those in the sign below are inclined to, and should usually look up to and counsel with, the one in the sign above. A man marrying a woman in the sign above is frequently governed by the wife, and she is apt to feel that she has a right to rule.

Frequently persons born in the last sign of a trinity are strongly attracted to one of the opposite sex in the first sign of a trinity, and get from that one consolation and help in times of trouble, but are apt to mistake it for love; and especially when persons born in Sagittarius make this mistake, it is of serious consequence, because of their strong tenacity to their ideal love.

Many unhappy marriages are made from sympathy being excited between persons in either of the seven vital signs. Again, when Venus, the conjugal planet, is in the same sign in one person's nativity in which. another person is born, it creates a conjugal love; and when Mercury, the sex planet, is in the sign that a person of the opposite sex is born in, it creates strong sexual attractions.

These positions of sympathy, when reversed, are causes of antipathy between the same persons.

It is necessary, in order to decide where harmony or

p. 47

inharmony will exist, even between opposites, that we understand the harmonious or inharmonious positions of the planets; for, as has been stated, the sign and polarity govern the external or physical life, while the position of the planets governs the interior, the intuitive or spiritual condition; therefore the externals may be harmonious, while the internals may be at antipodes.


We now come to the law regulating the binding together of the body of humanity, or the building of the living temple. (See Diagram No. 7.)

The central sun is the source of life and light, and mediate cause of all things in the solar system. From this emanate, first, the four spiritual or seraphic principles, which are the heads of solar creation, and govern the four temperaments of humanity, and have their nearest imagery in the four interior signs, viz., Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Grouped around these, in circular form, are the individuals representing the seven vital functions and creative principles of the human body which emanate from the seven planets, which principles are referred to in the apocalyptic vision as "the seven spirits of God, sent forth into all the earth"; and in Ezekiel, as "the seven eyes of the Lord, that run to and fro through the whole earth."

Again, these are surrounded by the twelve representatives of the twelve signs of the sun's zodiac; and then each of these twelve, having twelve other persons polarized toward them, will form another circle of 144, and so on, until the whole body of humanity is linked

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together, reciprocal with its centre—the currents of involution descending from the cause world into the centre of the four, down the successive grades through all animate and inanimate existence; and again ascending in evolution, up through all the stages, to the highest phase of manhood, returning again to the cause from which it started.

The above is merely given as a suggestion to students, until opportunity offers for its further elaboration.


30:1 See remarks on Neptune and other planets, page 41.

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