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NEXT in succession to the foregoing chapter, the circumstances relating to bodily hurts, injuries, and diseases, claim to be discussed; and they require to be considered in the following mode.

For the investigation of these circumstances, the two angles on the horizon, both the ascendant and the western, must in all cases be re-marked; but more especially the western angle and its preceding house, 2 which is inconjunct with the ascendant. After these angles have been noted, it must be observed in what manner the malefic planets may be configurated with them: for, if both the malefics, or even if one of them, should be stationed bodily on any of the successive degrees composing the said angles, or be configurated with such degrees in quartile or in opposition, some bodily disorders or injuries will attach to the native or person then born and this will especially happen if, also, both the luminaries, either together or in opposition, or even if one of them, should be angularly posited in the manner described.

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[paragraph continues] Because, in such a case, not only a malefic which may have ascended in succession to the luminaries, but also any one which may have pre-ascended, if placed in an angle, has power to inflict certain diseases and injuries, such as may be indicated by the places of the horizon and of the signs, as well as by the natures of the planets themselves; whether malefics, or others evilly afflicted and configurated with them.

Such parts of the signs, as contain the afflicted part of the horizon, will show in what part of the body the misfortune will exist, whether it be a hurt, or disease, or both: and the natures of the planets, in operating the misfortune, also regulate its particular form or species. For, among the chief parts of the human body, Saturn rules the right ear, the spleen, the bladder, the phlegm, and the bones; Jupiter governs the hand, the lungs, the arteries, and the seed; Mars, the left ear, the kidneys, the veins, and the privities; the Sun rules the eyes, the brain, the heart, the sinews or nerves, and all the right side; Venus, the nostrils, the liver, and the flesh; Mercury, the speech, the under-standing, the bile, the tongue, and the fundament; and the Moon governs the palate, the throat, the stomach, the belly, the womb, and all the left parts.

It generally happens that some casual hurt, or injurious affection of the body, is the utmost that takes effect when the malefics may be oriental, and that considerable diseases occur only when the malefics may be occidental. And a hurt is distinct from a disease, inasmuch as the pain, which it induces at the time, is not afterwards continued; while a disease is, on the other hand, imposed on the sufferer either constantly or at repeated intervals. These remarks are applicable to all cases; but, in order to inquire particularly into the nature of the hurt or disease, a further attention must be paid to the figures, or schemes, with which the effects, about to be produced, will for the most part correspond in character.

For instance, blindness of one eye will ensue, when the Moon may be in the before-mentioned angles, either operating her conjunction, or being at the full: it will also happen should she be configurated with the Sun in any other proportional aspect, and be at the same time connected with any one of the nebulous collections in the zodiac; such as the cloudy spot of Cancer, the Pleiades of Taurus, the arrow-head of Sagittarius, the sting of Scorpio, the parts about the mane of Leo, or the urn of Aquarius. Moreover, both eyes will be injured should the Moon be in an angle, and in her decrease, and Mars or Saturn, being matutine, ascend in succession to her; or, again, if the Sun be in an angle, and these planets pre-ascend before him, and be configurated with both luminaries, whether the luminaries be in one and the same sign, or in opposition; provided also the said planets, although oriental of the Sun, be occidental of the Moon. Under these circumstances, therefore, Mars will cause blindness by a stroke or blow, or by the sword or by burning; and, if he be configurated with Mercury, it will be effected

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either in a place of exercise or sport, or by the assault of robbers. Saturn, however, under the same circumstances, produces blindness by cataract, or cold, by a white film, or by other similar disorders.

Venus, if in one of the angles before-mentioned, and especially if she be in that of the west, and Saturn be in conjunction or in configuration with her, or be changing place with her, 1 while Mars, at the same time, is in elevation above her, or in opposition to her, will produce impotence in the native, if a male; and, if a female, will render her liable to abortion, or to produce children stillborn, or not capable of being extracted except in mangled parts. Such misfortunes especially happen under Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn; even though the Moon may be in the ascendant, in conjunction with Mars. And if, under the same circumstances, Venus be also configurated with Mercury, as well as Saturn, Mars again being in elevation above her, or in opposition to her, the native will be either an eunuch or hermaphrodite, or devoid of the natural channels and vents. And, when these positions occur, should the Sun also partake in the configuration, the luminaries and Venus being all masculinely constituted, the Moon in her decrease, and the malefics brought up in the degrees next successively ascending, the males will be born maimed or crippled, or injured in their private members (particularly under Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Aquarius); and the females will remain childless and unprolific. And it also occasionally happens that the natives, under such a configuration, are likewise injured in the face or eyes.

If Saturn and Mercury, in conjunction with the Sun, be in the before-mentioned angles, the native will have some defect in the tongue, and stammer or speak with difficulty: especially if Mercury be occidental, and both he and Saturn configurated with the Moon. Should Mars, however, be found together with them, he will for the most part remove the defect in the tongue, after the Moon shall have completed her approach to him.

Further, should the malefics be in angles, and the luminaries, either together or in opposition, be brought up to them; or, if the malefics be brought up to the luminaries, especially when the Moon may be in her nodes, or in her bend, 2 or in obnoxious signs, such as Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn, the body will then be afflicted with excrescences, distortions, lameness or paralysis.

If the malefics be in conjunction with the luminaries, the calamity will take effect from the very moment of birth: but should they be in the mid-heaven, in elevation above the luminaries, or in opposition to each other, it will then arise out of some great and dangerous

p. 106

accident; such as a fall from some height or precipice, an attack of robbers, or of quadrupeds. And thus, if Mars hold dominion, he will produce the misfortune by means of fire or wounds, through quarrels, or by robbers; and if Saturn, it will be caused by a fall, by shipwreck, or by convulsive fits or spasms.

The minor bodily disorders mostly occur on the Moon's being posited in a tropical or equinoctial sign; and, if in that of the vernal equinox, these disorders usually arise from the white leprosy; in that of the summer tropic, from tetters; in that of the autumnal equinox, from leprosy; and in that of the winter tropic, from the eruption of pimples, and similar inconveniences.

Considerable diseases, however, take effect when the malefics may be configurated in the same situations as those before prescribed, yet differing in one respect; that is to say, being occidental of the Sun and oriental of the Moon. In such cases, Saturn will generally produce cold in the bowels, excessive phlegm, rheumatism, emaciation, sickliness, jaundice, dysentry, cough, obstruction, colic, or scurvy; and, in women, besides these diseases, he produces complaints of the womb. Mars will cause expectoration of blood, atrabilarious attacks, pulmonary complaints, sores, and diseases in the private parts (which will be rendered still more painful by surgical burning or incision), such as fistula, hæmorrhoids, or knots in the fundament, and also inflamed and putrifying ulcers. In women, to these calamities, he adds abortion, excision of the fœtus or its mortification.

And, even though these planets should not be properly configurated towards the particular parts of the body, their qualities will still operate. Mercury also will act with them, and contribute to the increase of the evil: thus, if he be in familiarity with Saturn, he will much augment the coldness, and promote the continuance of rheumatism, and the disturbance of the fluids; especially in the chest, throat, and stomach. If in familiarity with Mars, he will tend to produce greater dryness, and will increase ulcers, abscesses, loss of hair, scarified sores, erysipelas, tetters, blackness of bile, insanity, epilepsy, 1 and similar disorders.

Some of the properties, peculiar to disease, arise out of the various character of the signs which may contain the above-mentioned configurations in the two angles. Thus Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces, and, in short, all signs ascribed to terrestrial animals and fishes, appropriately cause diseases of putridity, tetters, excoriation, scrofula, fistula, leprosy, and the like; while Sagittarius and Gemini produce disease by falling fits and epilepsy. And if the planets happen to be posited in the latter degrees of the signs containing them, the extremities of the

p. 107

body will then be chiefly affected by the disease or hurt; which will arise from humours or accidents, producing leprosy, gout, or other infirmities, in the hands and feet.

Under the circumstances above detailed, the disease or hurt will be incurable, provided there shall be not one of the benefics in configuration with the malefics which effect the evil, nor with the luminaries posited in angles; and even though the benefics may be so configurated, the misfortune will still be incapable of remedy, if the malefics be well fortified, and in elevation above them.

Should the benefics, however, hold principal situations, and be in elevation above the obnoxious malefics, the disease or hurt will then be moderate, and have neither deformity nor disgrace attached to it; and it will sometimes be altogether prevented and set aside, if the benefics be oriental. Jupiter, for instance, by means of human aid, such as wealth or rank can command, will conceal and soothe hurts and diseases; and, if Mercury be joined with him, the assistance will be further improved by the addition of skilful physicians and good medicine. Venus, likewise, through the mediation of deities and oracles, will cause hurts to appear in a manner neither ungraceful nor unbecoming, and will ameliorate diseases by medicines granted by the gods.

Lastly, should Saturn be present in the configuration, the afflicted persons will move abroad to show their maladies, and to complain; and if Mercury also be present, they will do so for the sake of deriving support and profit from the exhibition.


103:2 The sixth house.

105:1 This seems to imply, if Saturn be in one of Venus's places of dignity, and Venus in one of Saturn's. Such a counterposition is technically termed "mutual reception."

105:2 In her extreme latitude, whether north or south.

106:1 Της ιερας νοσου literally, "the holy disease," which authors have explained to mean epilepsy. Perhaps the disease was anciently called holy, because the patient, when possessed by the fit, seemed to be under the influence of some supernatural agency.

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