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THE chief, but not the only, questions regarding this house are those concerning brethren, cousins, or neighbours, and short journeys.

QUERY.--Shall the Querent agree well with his Brother or Neighbour?

The querent has the time significators; the quesited is shewn by the lord of the 3d, the cusp of the 3d, and the planets therein. If the lord of the 3d be a benevolent planet, or be in the ascendant, or there be a fortune in the 3d, or the respective lords be in good aspect or mutual reception, or the lord of the ascendant throw a good aspect to the cusp of the 3d, no doubt unity will endure between the parties. If the evil planets, or ☋, be found in the 3d, unless very well dignified and aspected, it denotes discord, and the querent may expect little good from the quesited. If there be evil aspects between their significators, the same judgment holds; and if the significators are afflicted by being peregrine, retrograde, or combust, it shews hatred or untoward conduct.

p. 123

♄ or ☋ in the third, shews the neighbours are ill-mannered and the kindred selfish; if ♂ be there, the neighbours are dishonest, and the relations treacherous. If they be out of their dignities, these evils are increased; and if ill planets be in the ascendant, or ☋ be there, the querent is himself ill conducted.

Of an absent Brother?

The 1st, and its lord and ☽, are for the querent; the 3d for the quesited; and the 4th, his house of substance, &c.

Consider in what condition the lord of the 3d is, in what house, and how aspected. If he be in the 3d, free from evil aspects of the infortunes, you may judge that the absent brother is in health. If he be in his own house, but afflicted by the evil planets, without reception, judge that he is in health, but in great perplexity and. sorrow; but if they so aspect him with reception, say, that he is in distress, but that he will shortly evade it, and rid himself of his troubles. If the fortunes aspect him by ✶ or △ without reception, or by ☐ or ☍ with reception, you may judge him to be in health, and well contented; and if they aspect him by ✶ or △, and there be reception, you may tell the querent that his brother is healthy and happy, and wants nothing in this world.

If the lord of the 3d be in the 4th, without aspects of the malefics, he is endeavouring to get property in the country where he then lives. If he be in the 5th, and joined by ☌, or good aspect to the lord of the 5th, if the latter be not much afflicted, he is healthy, jocund, and merry, and likes the society he is in. If it be a fortune, and there be a reception between the lords of the two houses, the 3d and 5th (his 3d), you are assured of his happy condition. Yet if it be a malefic, or he be in evil aspect with a malefic in the 5th, without reception, or if he be void of course while in the 5th.

p. 124

you may judge that he is restless, and discontented in his present abode. Generally, if he be afflicted in any but the 6th, 8th, or 12th houses, he is not very comfortable, yet not in ill health.

If he be in the 8th, and well aspected by a fortune, he is not in danger, yet he is indisposed. If he be joined to evil planets by bad aspects out of the 6th, he is in an infirm and dangerous state. The same, if the lord of his 6th be in the 3d, unless he have dignities therein. If, in this case, the lord of the 3d be ☌ with the lord of the 8th, or entering combustion at the same time, with other testimonies of his being ill, there is reason to fear that he will die.

If you find his significator in the 7th, he is still in the country he went to, and indifferently well.

If the lord of the 3d be in the 8th, he apprehends that he shall die; and there is great fear of his death if his significator be combust, in ☌ with the lord of the 8th, or afflicted by evil planets.

If his significator be in the 9th, he is gone to some country further off than when he first went, or is forming some clerical, regal, or scientific connexion, or is employed travelling.

If he be in the 10th, and well aspected by the fortunes, especially if with reception, he has got some good employment, or office, in the country to which he is gone. If combust and afflicted, there is fear that he is dead.

If he be in the eleventh, and joined to the lord of the 11th, it denotes he is well situated, with his friends, and happy; though if evil planets afflict him, he is not so well pleased with his present condition.

If he be in the 12th, and well aspected, he is engaged with horses or cattle, &c., keeping an inn, or is turned grazier, &c. If ill aspected in this or the 2d house, he is in trouble, and if in a fixed sign, probably in prison; yet, if his significator be

p. 125

retrograde, he will manage to escape. If in the ascendant, tie is very pleasantly situated; and, unless ill aspected, he is much respected.

If any other person than a brother be inquired of, his condition may be known by applying the foregoing rules to that person's significator. As, for example, if the quesited be the querent's father, let the lord of the 5th (the 2d from the 4th) be considered for his substance. And if the quesited be a friend, let the 11th house represent him, and then the 12th will be his 2d, or house of property; the 8th will be his 10th, or house of honour, &c.; and so all round the 12 houses. But understand that, though every house has its 6th, 8th, and 12th, yet of every person inquired after, the 6th house of the figure shall signify his sickness, the 8th his death, the 12th his imprisonment.

Of Reports, News, Rumours, &c. whether true or false? and whether importing Good or Evil?

That which I found true by experience (in our late sad times of war) was this: if I found ☽ in the ascendant, 10th, 11th, or 3d house, separating by benevolent aspect from any planet, and then applying by good aspect to the lord of the 1st; I say, I found the report or rumour true, but always tending to the good of the parliament, let the report be good or ill. But if ☽ applied to the lord of the 7th by any good aspect, I was sure we had the worst, and our enemies the victory. If the ☽ was void of course, the news proved of no moment, usually vain and false, and soon contradicted. If the ☽ and ☿ were in ☐ or ☍, without reception, and neither casting a good aspect to the degree ascending, the news was false, and reported purposely to alarm us.

The time of erecting the figure was ever the hour when I

p. 126

first heard the rumour; but, if another propounded it, then that very minute when it was first proposed.

If, on hearing of any matter, you desire to know whether it will be prejudicial to you or not, observe whether ♃ or ♀ be in the ascendant, or ☽ or ☿ in any of their essential dignities, in ✶ or △ to the lord of the 11th; you may then judge that the party inquiring shall receive no damage thereby. But if the lord of the 6th, 8th, or 12th, be in the ascendant, or in evil aspect to the lord of the ascendant, or a malefic retrograde in the ascendant, or afflicting its lord, or the degree ascending, then the querent will be prejudiced by the matter. But if it concern the public, some damage has happened to their ministers or friends. In this case, if ♄ denote the evil, he shews plundering, loss of corn, or cattle, &c.; ♂ causes straggling parties to be cut off, and military violence, bloodshed, &c.; ☿ the miscarriage of letters, or evil to the literary community, messengers, &c.; ☉ causes distress to the king, or some chief or leader; ♀ causes ill to some gentlemen or their friends. The ☽ denotes violence by mobs, and if she be afflicted, injuries are done to the people.

If Rumours be true or false, according to the ANCIENTS.

If the lord of the ascendant, the moon, or her dispositor, be in an angle or a fixed sign, and in good aspect to the fortunes, or the ☉, you may judge the rumour is true. If they be in moveable signs, cadent, and ill aspected by the infortunes, judge the reverse; and consider the majority of the testimonies. When the angles of the figure, the ☽, and ☿, are in fixed signs, and these latter separate from infortunes and apply to fortunes, the rumour is true. Evil rumours hold true, or will be in some way verified, if the angles of the 4th and 10th are fixed, and the ☽ therein. If you have evil news, yet if either fortune be in the ascendant, or the ☽ fortunate,

p. 127

it is a strong argument that the rumours are false, and that they will turn rather to good than evil. Mercury, or the planet to whom he or ☽ applies, being retrograde or afflicted, or if either of these two be lord of the ascendant, it signifies that the rumour shall vanish to nothing, or shall be converted to good. If the lord of the ascendant be under the beams of ☉ 1, the matter is kept secret, and few shall ever know the truth.

Of Counsel or Advice given by a Neighbour, or Relation, Friend, &c.

Erect the figure when first the party begins to break their mind, and you shall know whether they really wish you well or not, and whether it be good to follow their advice.

If there be in the 10th house either ☉, ♃, ♀, or ☊, or, or if ☽ apply by good aspect to the lord of the ascendant, judge they come with an honest heart, and the advice is intended for your good. If ♅, ♄, ♂, or ☋ be there, or if ☽ apply by evil aspect, they intend deceitfully. Haly affirms, that if the sign ascending be moveable, and the ☽ and lord of the ascendant are both in moveable signs, the party comes to deceive. 2

Of short Journeys, whether good to go or not?

By a short journey, I mean such distances as a person may go and come back in a day or two. Consider the lord of the ascendant, and whether he be swift in motion, and in the 3d,

p. 128

or in any of the dignities of the lord of that house; or in good aspect with its lord, or a planet therein; or if the ☽ apply to such aspect, or be in the 3d, or cast her ✶ or △ to the degree ascending, or be swift in motion; all these are arguments that the party shall go his short journey, and have success. The part of heaven in which the place lies to which he would go is known by the situation of ☽, the sign on the cusp of the 3d, or its lord, whichever may be strongest in essential dignities. If the chief significator be in a northern sign, he goes north, and so of the rest.


In November 1645, a citizen of London having gone into the west of England, and no news being heard of him for many weeks, his brother, with great importunity, moved me to give my judgment concerning these particulars.

The figure, erected at the moment of the question, is on the following page; and the particulars of the judgment on each of three queries, which were put on the occasion will be found to follow.

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<i>Fig</i> 7.
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Fig 7.


1st.--If Living or Dead? if Dead, whether Killed by Soldiers? for at this time our miserable kingdom was full of soldiers.

2d.--If Living, when he should hear of him? and where he was?

3d.--When he should come Home?


1st QUERY.--If Living or Dead?

The ascendant doth here represent the shape and form of

p. 130

him who asked the question, with consideration had to ♄, lord of the sign. The querent was lean, spare of body, and a real saturnine man, &c.

♉ is the ascendant of the 3d house, and ♀ being lady thereof, represented the absent brother.

♀, the significator of the quesited, being noways afflicted, either by ☿, lord of the 8th in the figure, or ♂, lord of the quesited's 8th: and the separation of the ☽ being good, viz. a △ of ♃, and ☌ of ☿, who is in good aspect to ♃, and going to ☌ of ☉ on the cusp of the midheaven, I judged the absent brother was alive, and had had no manner of accident, but was in good health.

2d QUERY.--When to should hear of him?

♀ lady of the 3d applies to a friendly △ of ♄, lord of the ascendant, and ♄ being retrograde, applies also to the aspect of ♀; a very good argument that the querent should hear news of his brother very suddenly. And if you look into the Ephemeris for 7th November, 1645, you will find that, about four o'clock on that very day, the △ aspect between ♀ and ♄ was formed. I therefore advised the querent to go to the carriers of those countries where he knew his brother had been, and ask when they saw the quesited; for I told him that it was probable that he should hear of him that very day. (He has since confidently a firmed, that about the very moment of time, viz., about four, a carrier came casually where he was, and informed him that his brother was living, and in health.)

Where he was?

His journey was into the west. At time of the question I find ♀, his significator, leaving ♐, a north-east sign, and entering ♑, a south sign; whereon I judged he was in the

p. 131

south-east part of the county unto which he went. And as ♀ was not far out of the ascendant, and was in the oriental quarter of heaven, that he was not above one oar two days' journey from London; and as ♀ was leaving ♐, and entering a sign in which she has dignities by triplicity and term, I judged the man was leaving the country where he had no possession or habitation, and was coming to his own house in London, where he had good property. As ♀ wanted one degree of getting out of the sign, I judged he would be at home in less than one week; for ♐ is a common sign, and one degree therein in this question might well denote one week. He came home on the following Tuesday, when ☽ came to ☌ ♀, she being then got into ♑, in her own term and diurnal triplicity. The two significators being in △, these two brothers always did, and do, live very amicably together.

p. 132

<i>Fig</i>. 8.
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Fig. 8.

QUERY.--If a Rumour or Report were true or not?

In 1643, his Majesty's army being then rampant, several reports were given out that his Majesty had taken Cambridge, &c.: a well-affected person inquired of me if the news were true or false? whereupon I erected this figure, and gave judgment:--"All that we heard was untruth, and that the town neither was or should be taken by him or his forces."

A Report that Cambridge was taken by the King's Forces; if true?

First, I considered that the angles were all moveable, and

p. 133

that the evil ♂ vitiated the cusp of the 10th, and ♄ that of the 7th; one argument that the report was false.

Secondly, the ☽ was cadent, and in ♊, a sign wherein she is very weak: a second such argument.

Thirdly, the ☊ on the cusp of the ascendant was a sign of good to the Parliament, for the first house signified that honourable society. ♀, lady of the ascendant, was in her exaltation, but ♂, lord of the 7th, our enemies, in his fall, viz. ♋, and afflicted by ☐ of ♄. The ☽ separating from ♃ in the 7th, and transferring his light to ♀, gave reason to expect that there would come good to our side by this report or rumour, and no benefit to the enemy. The ☐ of ♄ and ♂ assured me that our enemies were so full of division and treason, and so thwarting one the other's designs, that no good should come unto them by this report. And so, in short, I judged that Cambridge was not taken, and that what we heard was false. 1


Had this question been, Whether the querent would have brethren or not? then you should judge as follows:

The sign on the 3rd ♏ is fruitful; ♋, the sign in which the lord of the 3d is found, is fruitful, and the ☽ applies to ♀; signs that the querent might expect both, but chiefly sisters, as the signs are mostly feminine.


127:1 This signifies within a distance of 12 degrees of ☉. Modern authors say 17 degrees.

127:2 If the advice be intended for your benefit, yet it may not be well to follow it. This may be seen by the lord of the 4th, and planets therein; for if malefics be there, or the lord of the 4th afflict the lord of the ascendant, it will end ill: if good planets be there. it ends well.--ZAD.

133:1 If the student erect a figure for 10h. 53m. A.M. Dec. 23d, 1834, he will find ♐ 15 on the 10th, and ☽ in ♎ 0: 15 in the 7th, applying to ☐ of ☉, lord of the 7th. We erected this figure on hearing a rumour of several persons being cruelly slaughtered by soldiers at Rathcormac, in Ireland, for the purpose of collecting tithes. The ☽ being angular and afflicted, shewed that the evil report was true; and ♅ being exactly on the cusp of the ascendant, ♒ 23: 30, was a similar testimony. was in ♐ 16: 35 on the cusp of the 10th, shewing discredit to the government, arising out of the transaction. The coroner's jury found a verdict of wilful murder.

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