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p. 103




Qayiñu'n ña'no e'wañ. Qo'txIñinu mInai'ñawnau. Ġŭ'mma
It seems | there | he says. | Qutx and his family | I will call of them. | I

ġałñatvaġałña'wlen. Ġŭ'mma Yełme'łInu mInai'ñawnau.
with a wife Ałñatva'ġał (Strongly-Sitting-One). | I | the people of Ye'łmeł | I will call of them.

It seems that I am going to sing of Qutx and his family. I have a wife Ałñatva'ġał I will sing of the people of Ye'łmeł.


MičhIčaña'urkIn, tImtIne'urkIn, a'ttau wapa'qata. MičhIčaña'urkIn
I shall recover my senses, | I shall have rest, simply with fly-agaric. I shall recover my senses

am-vI'n*va-ñawê'ti. Ġumni'n a'ččIñ kmi'ñIt
mere to the secret wife. | My | bad | children

I will call of them.

I shall recover my senses, I shall have rest. Simply with fly-agaric (I have stunned myself). I shall recover my senses, then I will simply run to my sweetheart. I will sing of my bad children.


103:1 These two songs were written down from the phonographic records of Mr. Jochelson (No. 2 and No. 7 on his list). The first is in Koryak of Kamenskoye', the second is Chukchee in grammar and phonetics, and Koryak in vocabulary. It was obtained from an old Reindeer Chukchee of Parapolski Dol, who had lived for a long time among the Reindeer Koryak.

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