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24. Kĭlu' and Monster-Man.

Yini'a-ñawġut and her sister went out for a walk. Yini'a-ñawġut looked ahead and espied something. "What is there? Look at it!" Kĭlu' looked, and it fell down. "Just now you said, 'What is coming there?' And it fell down again."

They came home and made a fire. Then there was a clattering at the entrance, Monster-Being, came there. He sat down on Kĭlu''s side. Oh, she pushed her cousin toward him. "You saw him first! Then be at his side!" As soon as her cousin went to sleep (with him), Kĭlu' ran away out of the house. Even all her clothes were torn to shreds. They caught on the trees, and she pulled at them with violence. So, when she carne to the river, she had on no clothes at all. The trees were catching even at her eyes. She pulled with violence, and even bled from the nostrils.

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Then she came to the village, and the people laughed at her. "What has happened to you?"--"Indeed a kamak came and devoured my cousin. It was she who saw him first."--"Let us go and look at her!" They set off and moved on. They came and saw those two walking together. (The new-comer was) a very good young man. They said to Kĭlu', "If you had not run away, he would have married you."

Then Kĭlu' began to boast, "The suitor came first to me!" though it was not true at all. She envied Yini'a-ñawġut because of her husband. He entered, (and proved to be) a very good young man, and Kĭlu' envied her sister to a great extent. Her cousin was married, (and not she). Oh, that is all.

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