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Armenian Legends and Poems [1916] at

p. 101



"I HAVE loved your winsome face,
And your never-fading grace.
If they give you not to me
May God send them black disgrace!"

"Mountain sorrel, fresh with dew,
Sweets I send and honey new;
Is a dainty maid like me
Fit to wed a youth like you?"

"You are arch, my little maid,
In four plaits your hair you braid,
Make no more pretence to me--
For you love me, I'm afraid!"

"Drive your plough ahead, and go;
Underneath it thistles grow.
You are reckless, young, and wild--
She is mad would wed you so!"

"Near your house a field I'll sow
And I'll stone the ill-starred crow.
When I have the girl I love
I'll let all my folly go."

p. 102

"On its way the water flows,
Washing with its waves the rose.
My beloved amidst the youths,
Like a mighty fortress shows."

"In the vineyard you have grown,
Where the melon plants are sown,
Day and night upon my lute,
You I sing, and you alone."

"Sing a minstrel's song to me,
Or the blackbird's rhapsody;
All your praises I deserve,
And my bridegroom you shall be!"


101:1 Haberban.

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