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Armenian Legends and Poems [1916] at

p. 84



SLUMBERING darkly yesterday,
As in deathly sweats I lay,
And two roses fiery red
On my faded cheeks were spread--
On my brow perchance a ray
Of Death's pallor trembling lay.
And I prayed and longed for death.
Then I heard a sobbing breath . . .
I unclosed my weary eyes
And beheld my mother's tears--
Saw those priceless pearls arise,
Tokens of her love, her fears.
In her heart what grief she bore!
And I was that anguish sore.
Ah, I raged tempestuously,
That black torrent outward leapt 1:--
God of mercy, pardon me,
For the tears my mother wept!



84:1 The poem entitled "Complaints," written a few days before his death.

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