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p. 66



Now when Athlyi started for Newark, there appeared a spotlight on the sleeve of his coat.

When Athlyi saw the light he tried to cover it with his hat but the light could not be covered.

Then he looked up and yelled joyfully, "It's the light of the Lord.

"Surely it cannot be covered. The light of the Lord our God I shall follow this day. Indeed I will not stray."

Athlyi journeyed to Newark and the light with him. But when he turned contrary to the will of God, the light would not follow but stood on another street.

Now when Athlyi saw the light would not go, he turned and went the way the light pointed him.

And it came to pass when Athlyi reached the City of Newark he prepared a house for the Lord our God and when he was making ready for the first sermon, a little girl opened the door and stared plumply into his face and uttered "Gaathly?" "Is your name Gaathly?" the shepherd p. 67 asked. The child then raised her voice and again said "Gaathly," and went out.

Straightway a light flashed and Athlyi looked around. He beheld over the altar a hand, writing on the wall the name Gaathly.

When Athlyi saw the hand on the wall he became very fearful but embroiled with joy.

He then rushed into the inner chamber and proclaimed before his wife Miriam and his daughter Muriel, the name of Gaathly saying, "Behold a hand wrote it and the child revealed it as the Lord had promised."

From that day unto this the Holy House founded upon the Gospel of God through Athlyi is known as the Gaathly.

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