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p. 63



And it came to pass that the word of the Lord, God of Ethiopia, came to Athlyi saying:

"Arise in the morning, break not your fast, neither say ye a word to anyone. And thou shall return to Newark and I will go with thee and thou shall see me."

"When thou shall have come to Newark prepare there a house, subsidiary to the House of Athlyi, where the children of Ethiopia shall assemble before me in united worship. I shall reach out my hands and bless them with increased blessings and they shall go forth as Athlyians with light and power, modeling all men according to my righteous principles," saith the Lord.

The Lord spake saying, "I will march with the Athlyians, I will pilot them, and stear them. I will recharge them and I, through their Shepherd, shall command them. Verily, there shall be no halting until they have conquered the Devil, banished His Hell and reconstruct the earth upon my righteous and clean principles."

"Then shall there be no prejudices, no illmosity among men, but peace tranquility and good will upon the earth, recognizing the divine p. 64 fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man and the rights of each and every one to enjoy equally the blessings of the Father."

And the Lord, God of Ethiopia, charged Athlyi saying, "Call not my Holy house 'Church' neither shall thou permit unjust literature which teaches that God has Commanded Israel to oppress, rob and destroy the offsprings of Ham in Canaan to rest upon my altar, for I have no part in such Deuteronomies. They are an abomination in my sight, and a disgrace upon the earth."

And the Lord continued, "I shall bring to an end the oppressors of Ham. I shall tear down the walls which I have Permitted to hold Ethiopia in bondage, that she may know the devil and his unrighteousness."

"Never-the-less, the children of Ethiopia, even unto this day, walketh upright before me, save those whom I the Lord God, have suffered to be spoiled by the enemies, that they might know the evil against the posterities of Ham."

"Now I shall send forth an army of Athlyians who shall redeem my children and deliver them again to my arms."

"I shall nourish them. Their chest shall be as unbreakable steel. Their legs as giant reinforced concrete. Hearts of understanding and heads matchlessly wise. They shall be my masons, p. 65 builders of a righteous kingdom and the source of salvation for all," saith the Lord. "For I am God, the creator of all. All things I hold in my hands and giveth freely unto him that walketh in me."

"Whosoever seeth an Athlyian, seeth me, for I am in him and he is of me. Whosoever followeth an Athlyian followeth me also," saith the Lord.

And when the Lord had spoke these things Athlyi turned and asked, "Father, what shall I call thy holy house?" And the Lord spoke to Athlyi saying, "Go and do as I have commanded you. The mouth of a child shall reveal the name; moreover, I shall write it upon the wall and you shall see it."

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