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And it came to pass on the following day the Lord called Athlyi; and when Athlyi appeared before the Lord, the light of his eyes connected with the light that surrounded the Divine Personality.

And there appeared a light matchless in its beauty. Straightway the whole celestial host shouted and there appeared millions of Angels dancing in the light singing, "Behold! Behold Ethiopia! the bride of the master. Her day has come at last! The Lord has received her hand. Her night has forever passed."

The Lord stretched forth his hands over the earth and there appeared millions of black men, women and children, who joined with the angels in dancing, singing and rejoicing in the light.

Again did the Lord stretch forth his hands over Ethiopia and Canaan and the offsprings of Ham became mighty and the lands became prosperous in animals, fruits and grains. Great cities sprang up among them and the women as well as men mastered ships upon the waters.

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And Athlyi looked and beheld great industries sprung up among the children of Ethiopia and he saw men kissing the women and praising them because of their mighty task in the struggle. He beheld women worshiping men because they had made them great.

And the Lord, our God, spoke unto the children, his voice echoed from Ethiopia to Canaan saying:

"Blessed are the mighty in righteousness for they shall be respected." Blessed are the wealthy in love for I am rich and whosoever believeth in Athlyi and in the gospel which I have commended through him seeketh after these things which are in me."

"And I the Lord shall fill him to the brim and make his a power over which no hell shall prevail."

"But he that is contented in poverty and weakness shall be weaker and poorer, a foot stool of the nations; for he represents the devil, in him there is no God."

"The fool impoverishes himself to find me. Verily I say unto you, he shall not find me," saith the Lord, "for I am rich. But whosoever believeth in Athlyi seeketh my principle, therefore I shall reach out my hand and help him to be as I am."

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