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And it came to pass on the third Saturday night of the seventh month of the year nineteen hundred and twenty-seven, the word of the Lord came to Athlyi saying, "Tomorrow, thou shalt with thine own blood set apart the Athlyians from the rest of the world's inhabitants, that I may glory in them and nourish them."

I shall send my angels and they shall dwell among the Athlyians and teach them new things. Verily, the women as well as the men shall develop great in science."

"Fear not, because of the inventions of today," saith the Lord, "for greater shall come out of my people, the Athlyians. They shall school Ethiopia. Consequently the sons and daughters of Ham shall be a burning light unto all the earth."

On the next day which was Sunday, while the Shepherd Athlyi preached before the people who came out to Gaathly, the spirit of the Lord came upon him and he then bit the top of his fingers, so that the blood spouted.

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Then with his blood he marked a line between the Athlyians and the rest of the earth's inhabitants as the Lord had commanded him.

Then came forth the Shepherdmiss Muriel, daughter of Athlyi, who fell upon her knees saying, "Let thy blood fall upon me that I bear it through the ages." The shepherd let his blood fall upon her.

Then came forward also Sister Mary Howard, Stear of the Nourishers and Saints. She bound up the Shepherd's wound.

"I am a witness of this blood," the Stear uttered, but the Shepherd answered saying, "All Athlyians are witnesses of this blood, and I shall be their Shepherd forever. Even in the spirit I shall be with them and I shall be quick to answer those who called upon me in sincerity; but those who seeketh me empty in heart shall not find me.

"Happy shall be the aged who sacrifice the days of his youth within this blood. His tree shall grow mighty in the green pasture. He shall not want, but flourish."

"But verily I say unto you, only through concretation can anyone come beyond this blood and become an Athlyian.

"For unto the Athlyians, there is but one God, one Law, and one Shepherd."

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"I am the lover of Justice, the light and guide unto perfect salvation saith Athlyi."

"Whosoever believeth in me shall in life enjoy salvation and inherit eternal happiness in the kingdom of God who sent me.

"But he that believeth not in me shall be a victim of slavery and oppression at the hands of Europe all the days of his unbelief.

"For he that receiveth me not, his heart despiseth the gift of God, the father, who sent me."

"For thus saith the Lord our God, I shall not send Japheth to Ham, neither will I send to Shem, Japheth. But in time of peril I shall appoint from among them a savior whose word shall reign forever."

"They that refuseth their own in me, shall find no other. But slavery and oppression shall overcome them. They shall live in disgrace and die in dishonor."

"I am the almighty powerhouse," said the Lord, "the spring of salvation, but a people without a king has no connection with me."

"Fear not, O ye Athlyians, for I, Athlyi, am your Shepherd. I am not of the flesh but of the Spirit of God, the Father, who sent me to gather the children of Ethiopia that they be saved from peril. In the bosom of the Lord I shall forever p. 71 hold my grip, therefore thou shalt be an everlasting light and power upon the earth."

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