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126. A Misunderstanding.

Florence Tomlinson, Lacovia.

There was a gentleman engaged to a young lady and he was out riding one evening. And the young gentleman made the lady believe he was rich, go along to a logwood property and told her 'all was his'. And go on an' go on an' come to another property covered with stock--cow and sheep--and told her it was his. That was two property now. And went to the next property where were horses and mules, and said (wiping his face), "All these are mine, me dear." The lady believed he was rich, and they got married and went home and lived together until all the house things were going, all the crockery was going, want a fresh supply. And she

{p. 160}

said to him, "Me dear, everything is going now, want a fresh supply. Let me have some money."

"No, me dear, I havn't got any."

"Then why don't you sell some of the things off some of the property?"

"Oh, I have no property, me dear!"

"Yes! don't you remember when we used to go out riding you showed me three properties? One had logwood, one had cows and sheep, and the next had horses. Why don't you sell some of those things?"

"Oh, ho! ho! ho! ho! me dear, I wipe with me pocket handkerchief and I mean me whiskers!"

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