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125. The Three Sillies.

Charles Roe, Maroon Town, Cock-pit country.

There was a young man one day was courting a young lady. So when he got to the house, it was one of the young ladies and father and mother in the yard. So the mother said to the daughter, "You mus' go look for some orange for the gentleman breakfas'." So when the young lady gone, the mother wait till she catches the young lady come with the orange. So when she (the mother) come, she say, "Hi! what you doing so long you can't come with the orange?" So the young lady say to her, "Mamma, me considering when me have the first pic'niney, what fe gi' 'im name. So the mother say, "Yes, missis." So they sit down and was considering the name. So the father wait until he can't see them come. Him start, an' when he go to orange tree him say, "Hi! what you so long you can't come yet?" The mother say, "Me husband, me an' me daughter considering what to give the

{p. 159}

first pickney name," So the father sit down and say, "Yes, missis, we consult now."

So the man there waiting say, 'Let me see what these three people gone look for orange in the house, can't come yet!" So when he come he say, "What you a doing so long? You no come pick this orange fe me, I hungry killing me at the yard." Said young lady, "My dear, we considering the first pickney we have, what mus' we give him name." The young man said, "I goin' away. So it I meet t'ree fool as unoo (you), I will come back an' marry you."

So he start, an' when he get to the firs' cross-road, he see one man he wet him finger an' pick it up an' grab it out of the road . So he say, "What you doing?" The man say, "I pick up the gravel out of the road, see if I could pick out all of the gravel out of the road." The man say, "I saw one fool!"

Him pass him an' go on, till he see another one cut two stick an' hol' up his trousers an' run jump see if he can jump into his trousers. So he say, "Oh! you fool, hol' your trousers an' put you' two foot in, This make two fool I have buck up since I leave the other three fool!"

So pass this one an' go on to the sea-side an' see another one get a pan an' fetch out water, see if he could dry the sea. So him say, "Well done, O you fool! This make three fool since I lef' the other three fool behin'. How mus' you dry the sea? You may fetch water until you are dead you never may dry the sea."

So then he turn back. So when he got back he say, "Well, my dear, I buck up three fool fooler than you three; so I come back to marry you."

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