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124. The Skilful Brothers.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

One woman got t'ree son. One of de son name Look-up-in-de-sky, de odder one name Fling-me-stick, de t'ird one name Brer Buck. One day, Look-up-in-de-sky saw a eagle flyin' away wid de mudder. He said, "Fling-me-stick, de eagle tek away me mudder!" Fling-me-stick lick out of de eagle mout'. Brer Buck stoop down an' ketch de mudder. An' de mudder lef' t'irty pound fe t'ree of dem. Out of doze t'ree son, which of dem deserve de money?

Some said, "Look-up-in-de-sky deserve it!" Odder said, "Fling-me-stick!" De nex' one said, "Brer Buck!" But if Look-up-in-de-sky didn't see de mudder, de eagle would fly away wid her. If Fling-me-stick didn't fling an' lick out de mudder out of de eagle mout', she would be gone. If Brer Buck didn't stoop down an' ketch de mudder, she would mash up. So, out of de t'ree of dem, de t'ree deserve de ten pound apiece.

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