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127. Big-head, Big-belly, and Little-foot.

a. Arthur Brown, St. Ann's Bay.

Once there was a man have three sons, one name Big-head, one name Big-belly, one name Little-foot. Dey went for a walk one evening. Big-head saw a berry-tree. He went up on it an' pick one of de berry an' taste it. Big-belly ask him if it sweet. He bow his head; his head drop off. Big-belly laugh at him till his belly burst. Little-foot start running home to tell the news, his foot broke. That was the end of the three.

b. James Smith, Claremont, St. Ann.

Three little brother went out to catch meat. So them hunt till the day was in and caught nothing. Return home hungry and jokify, coming out of the forest saw a tar-apple tree have on two fruit on it. Big-Belly couldn't climb. Maugre-Foot couldn't climb. Maugre-Neck climb the tree, pull the first fruit, eat off that one. Pull the second fruit, bite it and tempting the others, his little head broke off fell on the ground. Big-belly laugh till him belly pop. Maugre-Foot set out run fo' carry home the news, till him little foot broke off a pass.

Jack man dory, this story done!

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