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36. Horse and Anansi.

Alexander Archibald, Mandeville.

Anansi call Horse a go bush cut plantain. When dey cut done, dey carry out in de open, dey begin to play stick, lick stick. Den Anansi said, "Brar Horse, we hungry now, we don' have no fire fe roast plantain." So say to Horse, "Go see fire quite yonder? Go deh, go tak fire come, mak we roast plantain!" Horse fling up him tail on back, gallop, gone. Meanwhile him gone, Anansi 'trike him tinder-box an buil' a fire roast every plantain; eat all de plantain, leave only four. Horse gallop away an' kyan' ketch de fire an' turn back. Anansi say, "Brar Horse, when you gone, one man pass heah gi' me fire an' me roast de plantain; as me roas'ee done, one man come beat me an' tak away de plantain on'y lef' dem four heah gi' me!" So Brar Horse say, "Never min'! you tak two, me tak two." So Horse takee.

Dat time Brar Goat go bush kneel down watch Brar Anansi, watch what take place; so de nex' day, Goat say him will go wid Anansi. Dem two go, dem two cut plantain, an' dem come out 'pon de open an' dem play. So Anansi said, "Brar Goat, we hungry now an' we ha' no fire. See fire quite yonder? gallop go get fire an' come." Goat gallop, go roun' clump of bush, go kneel down on knee go watch him. Him 'trike him tinder-box mak a fire, peel ev'ry plantain put a fire. When de plantain roast, he 'crape ev'ry bit. As him 'crapee, Goat get up a come. Goat cut 'tick an' him jump one side so him put circle roun' de fire-side, an' say to Anansi, "Put you han' in now, sah!" an' jump de odder side an' put circle again. So den Anansi begin to beg, an' Goat tak away eberyt'ing didn't gib him one!

Jack man dory!

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