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35. Tumble-bug and Anansi.

Moses Hendricks, Mandeville.

Anansi and Tumble-bug took a job once. After they got their pay Anansi said to Tumble-bug, "We mus' buy something so as to have a good feed." They bought a bunch of plantain and a keg of butter.

They commence to eat. Anansi dip, Tumble-bug dip. Anansi said, "No, my Tumble-bug, when I go 'pluck-um', you mus' go 'tip'!" However, Tumble-bug dip all the same. Anansi got vex an' box him. Tumble-bug fawn dead. Anansi get frightened, said, "Hi! Tumble-bug, the least bit of fun I make with you, you dead?" Tumble-bug never shake. Anansi run, leave the butter an' the plantain an' everything, take to the woods for it. Tumble-bug wake

[1. A soiled garment should never be left about lest it be used by the sorcerer to bewitch the owner. Burning such a garment produces a skin disease exactly like a burn, according to the common belief.]

{p. 46}

up an' eat up the plantain an' the butter. After that he fly away after Anansi now.

When he got in the woods near where Anansi was, he hid himself against a tree give a sound like a man cutting. Anansi sing out, "Who are you?" Tumble-bug said, "Gentleman servant cutting bread-nut fo' gentleman horse." Say, "Hear any news?"--"Yes."--"What you hear?"--"Anansi kill Tumble-bug,--life for life!" Anansi start running an' Tumble-bug after him. He run out to a place call 'Dead man country', get among the dry trash, and that's where he live ever since.

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