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37. Anansi in Monkey Country.

a. Bunya.

Elizabeth Hilton, Harmony Hall, Cock-pit Country.

Anansi go to Monkey country. Put on a big pot of water an' tell the Monkey when him get in the pot of water, when him say "Bunya", they mus' take him out of the pot of water. When they take him out, they mus' go in. So when he go in the pot of water, as soon as he feel the water hot he say, "Bunya." They take him out. An' put all of them one time into the pot of water. An' when them said, "Bunya!" Anansi said, "No bunya yet!" An' said, "Bunya!" Anansi said, "No bunya yet!" Anansi wouldn't take them out until them boil. Anansi take them out an' eat them.

One little one let' at the top of the pot that the water didn't scald. That one run go to the next Monkey country an' tell them the story about Anansi an' the 'bunya.' When Anansi eat, he start to the other country, an' him go there an' tell the Monkey mus' put him into the pot of water an' when he say, "Bunya," mus' take him out. So when Anansi feel the water hot, he say, "Bunya!" Monkey say, "No bunya yet!" Anansi say, "Bunya!" Monkey say, "No bunya yet!" Monkey keep Anansi in that pot till him kill him.

b. Christen Christen.

Adolphus Iron, Claremont, St. Ann.

One time hard time ketch Brar Nansi. Him couldn't get not'ing to eat. Him trabble away to Monkey country fe go preach. When him ketch deh, him say, "Well, frien's, I come here to chris'en, but I chris'en wid a large oben." De Monkey, dem glad fe hear. Dem jump an' buil' up de oben. Anansi say, "You mus' pack it wid wood an' light it wid fire. When it well hot, me will go in first, an' when you hear me say, 'Chris'en,' you mus' open de door." De Monkey, dem agree.

De oben buil', de oben light, Anansi go in. Anansi holler, "Chris'en!" Dem open de door. Anansi jump out, dem begin jump in. When de las' monkey jump in, Anansi shet de door. Monkey begin holler, "Chris'en! chris'en!" Anansi say, 'No chris'en yet!" When Anansi t'ink dem a well roas', him open de door. One scorch-side one jump out an' run fe de odder Monkey country an' tell all wha' done.

Anansi stan' deh till him eat off de whole ob de roas' one dem. Him trabble again till him ketch de odder Monkey country. All was prepare to meet him. De scorch-sided one meet him first. {p. 48} Anansi say, 'Brar, I t'ink I know you!" De Monkey said, 'No, sah, a de firs' me an' you buck up!" Anansi say, "Well, I come here to chris'en, but I chris'en wid an oben." De Monkey, dem buil' up de oben quicker yet. Anansi say, "I will go in firs'; when you hear I say, 'Chris'n!' you open de do'." All de Monkey say yes. When Anansi feel de fire, him holler, "Chris'n, chris'n, chris'n!" De Monkey say, "No chris'n yet!," An' dey let Anansi stay all roas' till he burst!

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