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19. Dog and Dog-head.

Richard Morgan, Santa Cruz Mountains.

Hanansi an' Tacoomah dey goin' out huntin' to steal cow. De two of dem have der dog. Dey walk. Hanansi, hungry tak him; he eat de dog body an' tak de dog-head put into his side-bag. Me'while dey gwine in de bush, Tacoomah dog tackle a cow. Hanansi run drive away Tacoomah dog an' tak fe him dog-head fasten on de cow an' call out to Tacoomah, "I tackle one fellah!"

Tacoomah know dat was fe him dog ketch de cow. Tacoomah lef' him went away get one whip an' go to clear place. He fire de whip an' say, "A no me, sah! a pupa, sah!" Hanansi holla, "Brar, wha' dat?" Tacoomah fire de whip again, say, "Don' my dog ketch buckra cow, sah! a pupa dog ketch it!" Hanansi call out to Tacoomah, "Tacoomah, you fool! you ever hear so-so[2] dog-head kyan ketch cow?" So Hanansi run leave de cow; Tacoomah go an' clean it up.

[2. So-so means "only."]

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