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20. Tacoomah's Corn-piece.

Adolphus Iron, Claremont, St. Ann.

Tacoomah plant a piece of corn. When it commence to dry, den begin to t'ief it. Tacoomah charge Hanansi. Hanansi say, "Brar, no me!" By dis time Hanansi was a fiddler. Hanansi tell Tacoomah say, "Brar, you say me broke you' corn, you mek one dance an' get me fe play." Tacoomah say yes. De night of de dance, Hanansi get one gang tell dem say, "As you hear me begin play, you start a-brekkin'." De tune Hanansi play was dis fe de whole night:

"Two two grain, broke dem go 'long,
Eb'rybody broke, broke dem go 'long,
Green an' dry, broke dem go 'long."

In de morning when de dance finish, Tacoomah go down a him cornpiece. Him holla out, "Lawd! Brar Nansi, come heah! not one lef'." Hanansi turn 'roun' say, "T'ink you say a me a t'ief you corn. Las' night you no get me fe play a you dance? den if dem broke out you corn, how you say a me?" Tacoomah tak it to heart an' drop down dead.

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