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 [18. Goat on the Hill-side.]


18. Goat on the Hill-side.

This well-known East Indian fable is common in Jamaica. Jekyll gives a version, 20-22.

Compare: Parsons, Andros Island, 88-89 and note for references; also Chatelain, 189-191; Junod, 123-124; Edwards, JAFL 4:52.

The ruse is one generally planned by the weak trickster for his strong but dull-witted companion, as in number 23. There is a tendency to place the incident among the monkeys, as in number 37. In Parsons's three versions the slaughter is made among them; in Jekyll's version, in a second of my own from Mandeville, and in Jacottet's form, it is the monkey or baboon who dis covers the trick. In Tremearne, FL 21:209-210, a bird gives warning; in Chatelain, a deer.

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