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Bakŏ Nask.

1. The beginning of the twenty-second fargard, the Airyaman 1, is the last question (frasnŏ) beyond the five Gâthas; it is taught for the dominion of Aûharmazd only by him—that is, it is making him ruler of himself—who shall do that which is declared by the passage:—Yâ erezegyôi dâhî

p. 384

drigaovê vahyô 1: who gives delights (vâyagânŏ) to him who is a right-living poor man 2—preservation from the destroyer, and the consummation of every happiness.

2. It is perfect excellence that is righteousness.


383:1 See Chap. XXIII, 1 n; it is here written aîremanŏ in Pahlavi.

384:1 See Yas. LIII, 9 d.

384:2 See Pahl. Yas. LII, 9 d, and Chaps. XLV, 10, XLVII, 17.

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