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Bakŏ Nask.

1. The second fargard is the Ashem 2 of the Bakân 3; it is by it that perfect excellence is produced for every one who produces for any one else that which is suitable for him 4; for this reason, because, for the sake of perfect production, there is much unprofitable production, but profitable production is suitably producing. 2. This, too, that the reward of every good work is given by it to mankind, which keeps mankind in diligence when it instructs 5; because, as the business of all good works is that which instructs and keeps mankind in diligence, the reward of good works which mankind

p. 309

can appropriate by diligence is appropriated by it. 3. And this, too, that advancement is given by it to every good work 1.

4. He who is understanding good works, and yet a suppliant, has thereby made the learned foolish (âzân akhanîdînîdŏ); whoever possesses authority through virtuousness 2 is more particularly for rewarding the doers of good works; whoever, too, can make true decision 3 and adjudication is more particularly for causing the bridge judgment of a criminal, and for thrusting him aside owing to the exhaustion of his good works; and whoever, too, can exercise mediation and wisdom is more particularly for the good government of the world.

5. Of righteousness the excellence is perfect.


308:2 See Chap. III, 1 n; it is here expressed by its Pahlavi equivalent aharâyîh. This fargard is still extant in Yas. XX.

308:3 See Chap. XLVII, 2.

308:4 See Pahl. Yas. XX, 1.

308:5 Ibid. 2.

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