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1. Satisfaction (shnôkhar) to the creator Aûharmazd, and obeisance to the Mazda-worshipping religion.

2. The ninth book (babâ) is about the Hâs and Fargard2 of the various Nasks; the object of procuring the division of those portions which exist being owing to the quantity of what is in each one of the Nasks; also an explanation of a suitable selection 3 therefrom, such as is an epitome (nisangag-1) of the abundant detail therein.


172:1 From this point to Chap. XXXI, 17 the text is also found in a second MS, (K) which is independent of the MS. B brought to Surat in A.D. 1783, the original of all the Bombay copies.

172:2 See Bk. VIII, Chap. I, 20, 23. The contents of these are detailed below, in Chaps. II-LXVIII, so far as the first three Nasks are concerned.

172:3 Referring to Chap. LXIX.

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