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Sakâdûm Nask.

1. One section is the Zîyânakistân ('code of the injured'), about anything which is animate—and that which is inanimate—injured through lawfully living, giving, receiving, or delivering back; the duty of protection and care for both kinds; the nourishment,

p. 137

extension, sustentation, stimulation, establishment, consolation, and also gratification of an animate being; and the retribution for sin due to unlawfulness as regards the same matters.

2. About an example of a damaged gift, in the case when one gives the thing to a poor (gadâk) person at an appointed time, and when at one unappointed; and in the case when one gives him an increase, where and what is the increase. 3. A decision about a shepherd when they shall bring him back an animal 1, when damaged, before its subdivision; what he obtains for the damaged animal when not delivered back at the time of subdivision; when the duty about it is dictated by a religious man, and when he keeps it in his own possession.

4. About property which is inanimate, whose subdivisions, each separately, when one keeps them in use 2, and when in reserve (armêstô), are greater and less in value; that is, through so much effecting of penance (avâkangisnŏ) worthily, or through so much bringing of interest; and the capital is the same in value, the increase being the growth of dividends.

5. About the reason why the sin of an injured person becomes innocent through not delivering back a damaged article 3; and many opinions, on the same subject, are provided for our benefit.


137:1 Probably one sold by him to a butcher.

137:2 For trading, or pious purposes.

137:3 Suffering wrongs without complaint being meritorious.

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