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1. The Bakân-yas3 contains particulars, first, about the worship of Aûharmazd, the highest of divinities (bakân), and, secondly, of the worship of the angels of other invisible and visible worldly existences, out of whom are likewise the names of

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the days 1; also their glory, power, triumph, and marvellousness. 2. Besides, also, many angels who are invoked by name in their worship, and the attention and obeisance due to them.

3. The worthiness and dispensation of favour for worshippers, and the duty of their many separate recitations unto the angels. 4. The duty of unlimited acquaintance with knowledge about the possessions and arrangements of the period, over which the creator Aûharmazd has appointed them, and they remain to cause industry.

5. Perfect is the excellence of righteousness.


34:3 Corresponding to the fourteenth word, mazdâi, in the Ahunavair, according to B. P. Riv.; but it is the fifteenth Nask in other Rivâyats. Bakân-yast means 'worship of the divinities,' and is written Baghân-yast, or Bayân-yast, in the Rivâyats, which also state that it contained seventeen kardah, or subdivisions.

35:1 Each of the days of the Parsi month being named after some particular angel, or spirit. From this description it appears probable that the Yasts formed a part of this Nask; but, if so, it ought to have contained at least thirty chapters.

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