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1. The Avesta and commentary of the Vastag 1 have not reached us through any high-priest.

2. Excellence that is perfect is righteousness.


25:1 Corresponding to the eleventh word, mananghô, in the Ahunavair, according to B. P. Riv.; but it is the twelfth Nask in other Rivâyats. The name of this Nask is very uncertain; in five occurrences of the word the first letter is omitted once and may once be the conjunction 'and,' and the last syllable is also omitted once; the B. P. Riv. calls it Did, by omitting the first and last letters and varying the reading of the rest, and the other Rivâyats call it ‘Hast or ‘Hast. They also state that it contained twenty-two kardah, or fargards, in six divisions treating of various religious and worldly duties, as detailed in the translations in the latter part of this volume.

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