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How Anglides, Boudwin's wife, escaped with her young son,
Alisander le Orphelin, and came to the Castle of Arundel.

NOTWITHSTANDING, when King Mark had done this
deed, yet he thought to do more vengeance; and with his
sword in his hand, he sought from chamber to chamber,
to seek Anglides and her young son.  And when she was
missed he called a good knight that hight Sadok, and
charged him by pain of death to fetch Anglides again and
her young son.  So Sir Sadok departed and rode after
Anglides.  And within ten mile he overtook her, and
bade her turn again and ride with him to King Mark.
Alas, fair knight, she said, what shall ye win by my son's
death or by mine?  I have had overmuch harm and too
great a loss.  Madam, said Sadok, of your loss is dole
and pity; but madam, said Sadok, would ye depart out
of this country with your son, and keep him till he be of
age, that he may revenge his father's death, then would
I suffer you to depart from me, so you promise me
to revenge the death of Prince Boudwin.  Ah, gentle
knight, Jesu thank thee, and if ever my son, Alisander le
Orphelin, live to be a knight, he shall have his father's
doublet and his shirt with the bloody marks, and I shall
give him such a charge that he shall remember it while he
liveth.  And therewithal Sadok departed from her, and
either betook other to God.  And when Sadok came to
King Mark he told him faithfully that he had drowned
young Alisander her son; and thereof King Mark was
full glad.

Now turn we unto Anglides, that rode both night and
day by adventure out of Cornwall, and little and in few
places she rested; but ever she drew southward to the
seaside, till by fortune she came to a castle that is called
Magouns, and now it is called Arundel, in Sussex.  And
the Constable of the castle welcomed her, and said she
was welcome to her own castle; and there was Anglides 2t
worshipfully received, for the Constable's wife was nigh
her cousin, and the Constable's name was Bellangere; and
that same Constable told Anglides that the same castle
was hers by right inheritance.  Thus Anglides endured
years and winters, till Alisander was big and strong;
there was none so wight in all that country, neither there
was none that might do no manner of mastery afore him.