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How King Mark slew by treason his brother Boudwin, for
good service that he had done to him.

NOW turn we to another matter that fell between
King Mark and his brother, that was called the good
Prince Boudwin, that all the people of the country loved
passing well.  So it befell on a time that the miscreant
Saracens landed in the country of Cornwall soon after
these Sessoins were gone.  And then the good Prince
Boudwin, at the landing, he raised the country privily and
hastily.  And or it were day he let put wildfire in three
of his own ships, and suddenly he pulled up the sail, and
with the wind he made those ships to be driven among
the navy of the Saracens.  And to make short tale, those
three ships set on fire all the ships, that none were saved.
And at point of the day the good Prince Boudwin with
all his fellowship set on the miscreants with shouts and
cries, and slew to the number of forty thousand, and left
none alive.

When King Mark wist this he was wonderly wroth
that his brother should win such worship.  And because
this prince was better beloved than he in all that country,
and that also Boudwin loved well Sir Tristram, therefore
he thought to slay him.  And thus, hastily, as a man out
of his wit, he sent for Prince Boudwin and Anglides his
wife, and bade them bring their young son with them,
that he might see him.  All this he did to the intent to
slay the child as well as his father, for he was the falsest
traitor that ever was born.  Alas, for his goodness and
for his good deeds this gentle Prince Boudwin was slain.
So when he came with his wife Anglides, the king made
them fair semblant till they had dined.  And when they
had dined King Mark sent for his brother and said thus:
Brother, how sped you when the miscreants arrived by
you? meseemeth it had been your part to have sent me
word, that I might have been at that journey, for it had
been reason that I had had the honour and not you.
Sir, said the Prince Boudwin, it was so that an I had
tarried till that I had sent for you those miscreants had
destroyed my country.  Thou liest, false traitor, said
King Mark, for thou art ever about for to win worship
from me, and put me to dishonour, and thou cherishest
that I hate.  And therewith he struck him to the heart
with a dagger, that he never after spake word.  Then the
Lady Anglides made great dole, and swooned, for she saw
her lord slain afore her face.  Then was there no more to
do but Prince Boudwin was despoiled and brought to
burial.  But Anglides privily gat her husband's doublet
and his shirt, and that she kept secretly.

Then was there much sorrow and crying, and great
dole made Sir Tristram, Sir Dinas, Sir Fergus, and so did
all knights that were there; for that prince was passingly
well beloved.  So La Beale Isoud sent unto Anglides, the
Prince Boudwin's wife, and bade her avoid lightly or else
her young son, Alisander le Orphelin, should be slain
When she heard this, she took her horse and her child;
and rode with such poor men as durst ride with her.