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How Anglides gave the bloody doublet to Alisander, her son,
the same day that he was made knight, and the charge

THEN upon a day Bellangere the Constable came to
Anglides and said:  Madam, it were time my lord Alisander
were made knight, for he is a passing strong
young man.  Sir, said she, I would he were made knight;
but then must I give him the most charge that ever
sinful mother gave to her child.  Do as ye list, said
Bellangere, and I shall give him warning that he shall be
made knight.  Now it will be well done that he may be
made knight at our Lady Day in Lent.  Be it so, said
Anglides, and I pray you make ready therefore.  So came
the Constable to Alisander, and told him that he should
at our Lady Day in Lent be made knight.  I thank God,
said Alisander; these are the best tidings that ever came
to me.  Then the Constable ordained twenty of the
greatest gentlemen's sons, and the best born men of the
country, that should be made knights that same day that
Alisander was made knight.  So on the same day that
Alisander and his twenty fellows were made knights, at
the offering of the mass there came Anglides unto her
son and said thus:  O fair sweet son, I charge thee upon
my blessing, and of the high order of chivalry that thou
takest here this day, that thou understand what I shall
say and charge thee withal.  Therewithal she pulled out a
bloody doublet and a bloody shirt, that were be-bled with
old blood.  When Alisander saw this he stert aback and
waxed pale, and said:  Fair mother, what may this mean?
I shall tell thee, fair son: this was thine own father's
doublet and shirt, that he wore upon him that same day
that he was slain.  And there she told him why and
wherefore, and how for his goodness King Mark slew
him with his dagger afore mine own eyen.  And therefore
this shall be your charge that I shall give thee.