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Sūra XLIII.: Zu<u>kh</u>ruf, or Gold Adornments. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XLIII.: Zukhruf, or Gold Adornments.

Section 6

57. Walamma duriba ibnu maryama mathalan itha qawmuka minhu yasiddoona

57. When (Jesus) the son
Of Mary is held up
As an example, behold,
Thy people raise a clamour
Thereat (in ridicule)!

58. Waqaloo aalihatuna khayrun am huwa ma daraboohu laka illa jadalan bal hum qawmun khasimoona

58. And they say, "Are
Our gods best, or he?"
This they set forth
To thee, only by way
Of disputation: yea, they
Are a contentious people.

59. In huwa illa AAabdun anAAamna AAalayhi wajaAAalnahu mathalan libanee isra-eela

59. He was no more than
A servant: We granted
Our favour to him,
And We made him
An example to the Children
Of Israel.

60. Walaw nashao lajaAAalna minkum mala-ikatan fee al-ardi yakhlufoona

60. And if it were Our Will,
We could make angels
From amongst you, succeeding
Each other on the earth.

61. Wa-innahu laAAilmun lilssaAAati fala tamtarunna biha waittabiAAooni hatha siratun mustaqeemun

61. And (Jesus) shall be
A Sign (for the coming
Of) the Hour (of Judgment):
Therefore have no doubt
About the (Hour), but
Follow ye Me: this
Is a Straight Way.

62. Wala yasuddannakumu alshshaytanu innahu lakum AAaduwwun mubeenun

62. Let not the Evil One
Hinder you: for he is
To you an enemy avowed.

63. Walamma jaa AAeesa bialbayyinati qala qad ji/tukum bialhikmati wali-obayyina lakum baAAda allathee takhtalifoona feehi faittaqoo Allaha waateeAAooni

63. When Jesus came
With Clear Signs, he said:
"Now have I come
To you with Wisdom,
And in order to make
Clear to you some
Of the (points) on which
Ye dispute: therefore fear God
And obey me.

64. Inna Allaha huwa rabbee warabbukum faoAAbudoohu hatha siratun mustaqeemun

64. "For God, He is my Lord
And your Lord: so worship
Ye Him: this is
A Straight Way."

65. Faikhtalafa al-ahzabu min baynihim fawaylun lillatheena thalamoo min AAathabi yawmin aleemin

65. But sects from among
Themselves fell into disagreement:
Then woe to the wrong-doers,
From the Penalty
Of a Grievous Day!

66. Hal yanthuroona illa alssaAAata an ta/tiyahum baghtatan wahum la yashAAuroona

66. Do they only wait
For the Hour—that it
Should come on them
All of a sudden,
While they perceive not?

67. Al-akhillao yawma-ithin baAAduhum libaAAdin AAaduwwun illa almuttaqeena

67. Friends on that Day
Will be foes, one
To another,—except
The Righteous.

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