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Sūra XLIII.: Zu<u>kh</u>ruf, or Gold Adornments. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XLIII.: Zukhruf, or Gold Adornments.

Section 4

36. Waman yaAAshu AAan thikri alrrahmani nuqayyid lahu shaytanan fahuwa lahu qareenun

36. If anyone withdraws himself
From remembrance
Of (God) Most Gracious,
We appoint for him
An evil one, to be
An intimate companion to him.

37. Wa-innahum layasuddoonahum AAani alssabeeli wayahsaboona annahum muhtadoona

37. Such (evil ones) really
Hinder them from the Path,
But they think that they
Are being guided aright!

38. Hatta itha jaana qala ya layta baynee wabaynaka buAAda almashriqayni fabi/sa alqareenu

38. At length, when (such a one)
Comes to Us, he says
(To his evil companion):
"Would that between me
And thee were the distance
Of East and West!" Ah!
Evil is the companion (indeed)!

39. Walan yanfaAAakumu alyawma ith thalamtum annakum fee alAAathabi mushtarikoona

39. When ye have done wrong,
It will avail you nothing,
That day, that ye shall be
Partners in punishment!

40. Afaanta tusmiAAu alssumma aw tahdee alAAumya waman kana fee dalalin mubeenin

40. Canst thou then make
The deaf to hear, or give
Direction to the blind
Or to such as (wander)
In manifest error?

41. Fa-imma nathhabanna bika fa-inna minhum muntaqimoona

41. Even if We take thee
Away, We shall be sure
To exact retribution from them,

42. Aw nuriyannaka allathee waAAadnahum fa-inna AAalayhim muqtadiroona

42. Or We shall show thee
That (accomplished) which We
Have promised them:
For verily We shall
Prevail over them.

43. Faistamsik biallathee oohiya ilayka innaka AAala siratin mustaqeemin

43. So hold thou fast
To the Revelation sent down
To thee: verily thou
Art on a Straight Way.

44. Wa-innahu lathikrun laka waliqawmika wasawfa tus-aloona

44. The (Qur-ān) is indeed
The Message, for thee
And for thy people;
And soon shall ye
(All) be brought to account.

45. Wais-al man arsalna min qablika min rusulina ajaAAalna min dooni alrrahmani alihatan yuAAbadoona

45. And question thou our apostles
Whom We sent before thee;
Did We appoint any deities
Other than (God) Most Gracious,
To be worshipped?

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