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Sūra XLIII.: Zu<u>kh</u>ruf, or Gold Adornments. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XLIII.: Zukhruf, or Gold Adornments.

Section 3

26. Wa-ith qala ibraheemu li-abeehi waqawmihi innanee baraon mimma taAAbudoona

26. Behold! Abraham said
To his father and his people:
"I do indeed clear myself
Of what ye worship:

27. Illa allathee fataranee fa-innahu sayahdeeni

27. "(I worship) only Him
Who made me, and He
Will certainly guide me."

28. WajaAAalaha kalimatan baqiyatan fee AAaqibihi laAAallahum yarjiAAoona

28. And he left it
As a Word
To endure among those
Who came after him,
That they may turn back
(To God).

29. Bal mattaAAtu haola-i waabaahum hatta jaahumu alhaqqu warasoolun mubeenun

29. Yea, I have given
The good things of this life
To these (men) and
Their fathers, until the Truth
Has come to them,
And an Apostle
Making things clear.

30. Walamma jaahumu alhaqqu qaloo hatha sihrun wa-inna bihi kafiroona

30. But when the Truth came
To them, they said:
"This is sorcery, and we
Do reject it."

31. Waqaloo lawla nuzzila hatha alqur-anu AAala rajulin mina alqaryatayni AAatheemun

31. Also, they say: "Why
Is not this Qur-ān sent
Down to some leading man
In either of the two
(Chief) cities?"

32. Ahum yaqsimoona rahmata rabbika nahnu qasamna baynahum maAAeeshatahum fee alhayati alddunya warafaAAna baAAdahum fawqa baAAdin darajatin liyattakhitha baAAduhum baAAdan sukhriyyan warahmatu rabbika khayrun mimma yajmaAAoona

32. Is it they who would portion out
The Mercy of thy Lord?
It is We Who portion out
Between them their livelihood
In the life of this world:
And We raise some of them
Above others in ranks,
So that some may command
Work from others.
But the Mercy of thy Lord
Is better than the (wealth)
Which they amass.

33. Walawla an yakoona alnnasu ommatan wahidatan lajaAAalna liman yakfuru bialrrahmani libuyootihim suqufan min fiddatin wamaAAarija AAalayha yathharoona

33. And were it not that
(All) men might become
Of one (evil) way of life,
We would provide,
For everyone that blasphemes
Against (God) Most Gracious,
Silver roofs for their houses,
And (silver) stair-ways
On which to go up,

34. Walibuyootihim abwaban wasururan AAalayha yattaki-oona

34. And (silver) doors
To their houses, and thrones
(Of silver) on which
They could recline,

35. Wazukhrufan wa-in kullu thalika lamma mataAAu alhayati alddunya waal-akhiratu AAinda rabbika lilmuttaqeena

35. And also adornments
Of gold. But all this
Were nothing but conveniences
Of the present life:
The Hereafter, in the sight
Of thy Lord, is
For the Righteous.

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