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Sūra XX.: Ṭā-Hā. (Mystic Letters, Ṭ. H.) Index
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Sūra XX.: Ṭā-Hā. (Mystic Letters, Ṭ. H.)

Section 5

90. Walaqad qala lahum haroonu min qablu ya qawmi innama futintum bihi wa-inna rabbakumu alrrahmanu faittabiAAoonee waateeAAoo amree

90. Aaron had already, before this
Said to them: ."O my people!
Ye are being tested in this:
For verily your Lord is (God)
Most Gracious: so follow me
And obey my command."

91. Qaloo lan nabraha AAalayhi AAakifeena hatta yarjiAAa ilayna moosa

91. They had said: "We will not
Abandon this cult, but we
Will devote ourselves to it
Until Moses returns to us.

92. Qala ya haroonu ma manaAAaka ith raaytahum dalloo

92. (Moses) said: "O Aaron!
What kept thee back, when
Thou sawest them going wrong,

93. Alla tattabiAAani afaAAasayta amree

93. "From following me? Didst thou
Then disobey my order?"

94. Qala yabnaomma la ta/khuth bilihyatee wala bira/see innee khasheetu an taqoola farraqta bayna banee isra-eela walam tarqub qawlee

94. (Aaron) replied: "O son
Of my mother! Seize (me) not
By my beard nor by
(The hair of) my head!
Truly I feared lest thou
Shouldst say, "Thou hast caused
A division among the Children
Of Israel, and thou didst not
Respect my word!"

95. Qala fama khatbuka ya samiriyyu

95. (Moses) said: "What then
Is thy case, O Sāmarī?"

96. Qala basurtu bima lam yabsuroo bihi faqabadtu qabdatan min athari alrrasooli fanabathtuha wakathalika sawwalat lee nafsee

96. He replied: "I saw what
They saw not: so I took
A handful (of dust) from
The footprint of the Apostle,
And threw it (into the calf):
Thus did my soul suggest
To me."

97. Qala faithhab fa-inna laka fee alhayati an taqoola la misasa wa-inna laka mawAAidan lan tukhlafahu waonthur ila ilahika allathee thalta AAalayhi AAakifan lanuharriqannahu thumma lanansifannahu fee alyammi nasfan

97. (Moses) said: "Get thee gone!
But thy (punishment) in this life
Will be that thou wilt say,
'Touch me not'; and moreover
(For a future penalty) thou hast
A promise that will not fail:
Now look at thy god,
Of whom thou hast become
A devoted worshipper:
We will certainly (melt) it
In a blazing fire and scatter
It broadcast in the sea!"

98. Innama ilahukumu Allahu allathee la ilaha illa huwa wasiAAa kulla shay-in AAilman

98. But the God of you all
Is the One God: there is
No god but He: all things
He comprehends in His knowledge.

99. Kathalika naqussu AAalayka min anba-i ma qad sabaqa waqad ataynaka min ladunna thikran

99. Thus do We relate to thee
Some stories of what happened
Before: for We have sent
Thee a Message from
Our own Presence,

100. Man aAArada AAanhu fa-innahu yahmilu yawma alqiyamati wizran

100. If any do turn away
Therefrom, verily they will
Bear a burden
On the Day of Judgment;

101. Khalideena feehi wasaa lahum yawma alqiyamati himlan

101. They will abide in this (state):
And grievous will the burden
Be to them on that Day,—

102. Yawma yunfakhu fee alssoori wanahshuru almujrimeena yawma-ithin zurqan

102. The Day when the Trumpet
Will be sounded: that Day,
We shall gather the sinful,
Blear-eyed (with terror).

103. Yatakhafatoona baynahum in labithtum illa AAashran

103. In whispers will they consult
Each other: "Ye tarried not
Longer than ten (Days);"

104. Nahnu aAAlamu bima yaqooloona ith yaqoolu amthaluhum tareeqatan in labithtum illa yawman

104. We know best what they
Will say, when their leader
Most eminent in Conduct
Will say: "Ye tarried not
Longer than a day!"

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