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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel, Index
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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel,

Section 6

53. Waqul liAAibadee yaqooloo allatee hiya ahsanu inna alshshaytana yanzaghu baynahum inna alshshaytana kana lil-insani AAaduwwan mubeenan

53. Say to My servants
That they should (only) say
Those things that are best:
For Satan doth sow
Dissensions among them:
For Satan is to man
An avowed enemy.

54. Rabbukum aAAlamu bikum in yasha/ yarhamkum aw in yasha/ yuAAaththibkum wama arsalnaka AAalayhim wakeelan

54. It is your Lord
That knoweth you best:
If He please, He granteth
You mercy, or if He please,
Punishment: We have not sent
Thee to be a disposer
Of their affairs for them.

55. Warabbuka aAAlamu biman fee alssamawati waal-ardi walaqad faddalna baAAda alnnabiyyeena AAala baAAdin waatayna dawooda zabooran

55. And it is your Lord
That knoweth best all beings
That are in the heavens
And on earth: We
Did bestow on some Prophets
More (and other) gifts
Than on others: and We gave
To David (the gift
Of) the Psalms.

56. Quli odAAu allatheena zaAAamtum min doonihi fala yamlikoona kashfa alddurri AAankum wala tahweelan

56. Say: "Call on those—
Besides Him—whom ye fancy:
They have neither the power
To remove your troubles
From you nor to change them."

57. Ola-ika allatheena yadAAoona yabtaghoona ila rabbihimu alwaseelata ayyuhum aqrabu wayarjoona rahmatahu wayakhafoona AAathabahu inna AAathaba rabbika kana mahthooran

57. Those whom they call upon
Do desire (for themselves) means
Of access to their Lord,—
Even those who are nearest:
They hope for His Mercy
And fear His Wrath:
For the Wrath of thy Lord
Is something to take heed of

58. Wa-in min qaryatin illa nahnu muhlikooha qabla yawmi alqiyamati aw muAAaththibooha AAathaban shadeedan kana thalika fee alkitabi mastooran

58. There is not a population
But We shall destroy it
Before the Day of Judgment
Or punish it with
A dreadful Penalty:
That is written
In the (eternal) Record.

59. Wama manaAAana an nursila bial-ayati illa an kaththaba biha al-awwaloona waatayna thamooda alnnaqata mubsiratan fathalamoo biha wama nursilu bial-ayati illa takhweefan

59. And We refrain from sending
The Signs, only because
The men of former generations
Treated them as false:
We sent the She-camel
To the Thamūd to open
Their eyes, but they
Treated her wrongfully:
We only send the Signs
By way of terror
(And warning from evil).

60. Wa-ith qulna laka inna rabbaka ahata bialnnasi wama jaAAalna alrru/ya allatee araynaka illa fitnatan lilnnasi waalshshajarata almalAAoonata fee alqur-ani wanukhawwifuhum fama yazeeduhum illa tughyanan kabeeran

60. Behold! We told thee
That thy Lord doth encompass
Mankind round about:
We granted the Vision
Which We showed thee,
But as a trial for men,—
As also the Cursed Tree
(Mentioned) in the Qur-ān:
We put terror (and warning)
Into them, but it only
Increases their inordinate

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