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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel, Index
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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel,

Section 4

31. Wala taqtuloo awladakum khashyata imlaqin nahnu narzuquhum wa-iyyakum inna qatlahum kana khit-an kabeeran

31. Kill not your children
For fear of want: We shall
Provide sustenance for them
As well as for you.
Verily the killing of them
Is a great sin.

32. Wala taqraboo alzzina innahu kana fahishatan wasaa sabeelan

32. Nor come nigh to adultery:
For it is a shameful (deed)
And an evil, opening the road
(To other evils).

33. Wala taqtuloo alnnafsa allatee harrama Allahu illa bialhaqqi waman qutila mathlooman faqad jaAAalna liwaliyyihi sultanan fala yusrif fee alqatli innahu kana mansooran

33. Nor take life—which God
Has made sacred—except
For just cause. And if
Anyone is slain wrongfully,
We have given his heir
Authority (to demand Qiṣāṣ
Or to forgive): but let him
Not exceed bounds in the matter
Of taking life; for he
Is helped (by the Law).

34. Wala taqraboo mala alyateemi illa biallatee hiya ahsanu hatta yablugha ashuddahu waawfoo bialAAahdi inna alAAahda kana mas-oolan

34. Come not nigh
To the orphan's property
Except to improve it,
Until he attains the age
Of full strength; and fulfil
(Every) engagement,
For (every) engagement
Will be enquired into
(On the Day of Reckoning).

35. Waawfoo alkayla itha kiltum wazinoo bialqistasi almustaqeemi thalika khayrun waahsanu ta/weelan

35. Give full measure when ye
Measure, and weigh
With a balance that is straight:
That is the most fitting
And the most advantageous
In the final determination:

36. Wala taqfu ma laysa laka bihi AAilmun inna alssamAAa waalbasara waalfu-ada kullu ola-ika kana AAanhu mas-oolan

36. And pursue not that
Of which thou hast
No knowledge; for
Every act of hearing,
Or of seeing
Or of (feeling in) the heart
Will be enquired into
(On the Day of Reckoning).

37. Wala tamshi fee al-ardi marahan innaka lan takhriqa al-arda walan tablugha aljibala toolan

37. Nor walk on the earth
With insolence: for thou
Canst not rend the earth
Asunder, nor reach
The mountains in height.

38. Kullu thalika kana sayyi-ohu AAinda rabbika makroohan

38. Of all such things
The evil is hateful
In the sight of thy Lord.

39. Thalika mimma awha ilayka rabbuka mina alhikmati wala tajAAal maAAa Allahi ilahan akhara fatulqa fee jahannama malooman madhooran

39. These are among the (precepts
Of) wisdom, which thy Lord
Has revealed to thee.
Take not, with God,
Another object of worship,
Lest thou shouldst be thrown
Into Hell, blameworthy and rejected.

40. Afaasfakum rabbukum bialbaneena waittakhatha mina almala-ikati inathan innakum lataqooloona qawlan AAatheeman

40. Has then your Lord,
(O Pagans!) preferred for you
Sons, and taken for Himself
Daughters among the angels?
Truly ye utter
A most dreadful saying!

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