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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel, Index
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Sūra XVII.: Banī Isrā-īl, or the Children of Israel,

Section 3

23. Waqada rabbuka alla taAAbudoo illa iyyahu wabialwalidayni ihsanan imma yablughanna AAindaka alkibara ahaduhuma aw kilahuma fala taqul lahuma offin wala tanharhuma waqul lahuma qawlan kareeman

23. Why Lord hath decreed
That ye worship hone but Him,
And that ye be kind
To parents. Whether one
Or both of them attain
Old age in thy life,
Say not to them a word
Of contempt, nor repel them,
But address them
In terms of honour.

24. Waikhfid lahuma janaha alththulli mina alrrahmati waqul rabbi irhamhuma kama rabbayanee sagheeran

24. And, out of kindness,
Lower to them the wing
Of humility, and say:
"My Lord! bestow on them
Thy Mercy even as they
Cherished me in childhood.

25. Rabbukum aAAlamu bima fee nufoosikum in takoonoo saliheena fa-innahu kana lil-awwabeena ghafooran

25. Your Lord knoweth best
What is in your hearts:
If ye do deeds of righteousness,
Verily He is Most Forgiving
To those who turn to Him
Again and again
(in true penitence).

26. Waati tha alqurba haqqahu waalmiskeena waibna alssabeeli wala tubaththir tabtheeran

26. And render to the kindred
Their due rights, as (also)
To those in want,
And to the wayfarer:
But squander not (your wealth)
In the manner of a spendthrift.

27. Inna almubaththireena kanoo ikhwana alshshayateeni wakana alshshaytanu lirabbihi kafooran

27. Verily spendthrifts are brothers
Of the Evil Ones;
And the Evil One
Is to his Lord (Himself)

28. Wa-imma tuAAridanna AAanhumu ibtighaa rahmatin min rabbika tarjooha faqul lahum qawlan maysooran

28. And even if thou hast
To turn away from them
In pursuit of the Mercy
From thy Lord which thou
Dost expect, yet speak
To them a word
Of easy kindness.

29. Wala tajAAal yadaka maghloolatan ila AAunuqika wala tabsutha kulla albasti fataqAAuda malooman mahsooran

29. Make not thy hand tied
(Like a niggard's) to thy neck,
Nor stretch it forth
To its utmost reach,
So that thou become
Blameworthy and destitute.

30. Inna rabbaka yabsutu alrrizqa liman yashao wayaqdiru innahu kana biAAibadihi khabeeran baseeran

30. Verily thy Lord doth provide
Sustenance in abundance
For whom He pleaseth, and He
Provideth in a just measure.
For He doth know
And regard all His servants.

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