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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph. Index
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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph.

Section 11

94. Walamma fasalati alAAeeru qala aboohum innee laajidu reeha yoosufa lawla an tufannidooni

94. When the Caravan left (Egypt),
Their father said: "I do indeed
Scent the presence of Joseph:
Nay, think me not a dotard."

95. Qaloo taAllahi innaka lafee dalalika alqadeemi

95. They said: "By God!
Truly thou art in
Thine old wandering mind."

96. Falamma an jaa albasheeru alqahu AAala wajhihi fairtadda baseeran qala alam aqul lakum innee aAAlamu mina Allahi ma la taAAlamoona

96. Then when the bearer
Of the good news came,
He cast (the shirt)
Over his face, and he
Forthwith regained clear sight.
He said: "Did I not say
To you, "I know from God
That which ye know not?"

97. Qaloo ya abana istaghfir lana thunoobana inna kunna khati-eena

97. They said: "O our father!
Ask for us forgiveness
For our sins, for we
Were truly at fault."

98. Qala sawfa astaghfiru lakum rabbee innahu huwa alghafooru alrraheemu

98. He said: "Soon will I
Ask my Lord for forgiveness
For you: for He is indeed
Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

99. Falamma dakhaloo AAala yoosufa awa ilayhi abawayhi waqala odkhuloo misra in shaa Allahu amineena

99. Then when they entered
The presence of Joseph,
He provided a home
For his parents with himself,
And said: "Enter ye
Egypt (all) in safety
If it please God."

100. WarafaAAa abawayhi AAala alAAarshi wakharroo lahu sujjadan waqala ya abati hatha ta/weelu ru/yaya min qablu qad jaAAalaha rabbee haqqan waqad ahsana bee ith akhrajanee mina alssijni wajaa bikum mina albadwi min baAAdi an nazagha alshshaytanu baynee wabayna ikhwatee inna rabbee lateefun lima yashao innahu huwa alAAaleemu alhakeemu

100. And he raised his parents
High on the throne (of dignity),
And they fell down in prostration,
(All) before him. He said:
"O my father! this is
The fulfilment of my vision
Of old! God hath made it
Come true! He was indeed
Good to me when He
Took me out of prison
And brought you (all here)
Out of the desert,
(Even) after Satan had sown
Enmity between me and my brothers.
Verily my Lord understandeth
Best the mysteries of all
that He planneth to do.
For verily He is full
Of knowledge and wisdom.

101. Rabbi qad ataytanee mina almulki waAAallamtanee min ta/weeli al-ahadeethi fatira alssamawati waal-ardi anta waliyyee fee alddunya waal-akhirati tawaffanee musliman waalhiqnee bialssaliheena

101. "O my Lord! Thou hast
Indeed bestowed on me
Some power, and taught me
Something of the interpretation
Of dreams and events,—O Thou
Creator of the heavens
And the earth! Thou art
My Protector in this world
And in the Hereafter.
Take Thou my soul (at death)
As one submitting to Thy Will
(As a Muslim), and unite me
With the righteous."

102. Thalika min anba-i alghaybi nooheehi ilayka wama kunta ladayhim ith ajmaAAoo amrahum wahum yamkuroona

102. Such is one of the stories
Of what happened unseen,
Which We reveal by inspiration
Unto thee: nor wast thou
(Present) with them when they
Concerted their plans together
In the process of weaving their plots.

103. Wama aktharu alnnasi walaw harasta bimu/mineena

103. Yet no faith will
The greater part of mankind
Have, however ardently
Thou dost desire it.

104. Wama tas-aluhum AAalayhi min ajrin in huwa illa thikrun lilAAalameena

104. And no reward dost thou ask
Of them for this: it is
No less than a Message
For all creatures.

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