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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph. Index
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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph.

Section 10

80. Falamma istay-asoo minhu khalasoo najiyyan qala kabeeruhum alam taAAlamoo anna abakum qad akhatha AAalaykum mawthiqan mina Allahi wamin qablu ma farrattum fee yoosufa falan abraha al-arda hatta ya/thana lee abee aw yahkuma Allahu lee wahuwa khayru alhakimeena

80. Now when they saw
No hope of his (yielding),
They held a conference in private.
The leader among them said:
"Know ye not that your father
Did take an oath from you
In God's name, and how,
Before this, ye did fail
In your duty with Joseph?
Therefore will I not leave
This land until my father
Permits me, or God
Commands me; and He
Is the best to command.

81. IrjiAAoo ila abeekum faqooloo ya abana inna ibnaka saraqa wama shahidna illa bima AAalimna wama kunna lilghaybi hafitheena

81. "Turn ye back to your father,
And say, "O our father!
Behold! thy son committed theft!
We bear witness only to what
We know, and we could not
Well guard against the unseen!

82. Wais-ali alqaryata allatee kunna feeha waalAAeera allatee aqbalna feeha wa-inna lasadiqoona

82. "Ask at the town where
We have been and the caravan
In which we returned,
And (you will find) we are
Indeed telling the truth."

83. Qala bal sawwalat lakum anfusukum amran fasabrun jameelun AAasa Allahu an ya/tiyanee bihim jameeAAan innahu huwa alAAaleemu alhakeemu

83. Jacob said: "Nay, but ye
Have yourselves contrived
A story (good enough) for you.
So patience is most fitting
(For me). Maybe God will
Bring them (back) all
To me (in the end).
For He is indeed full
Of knowledge and wisdom.

84. Watawalla AAanhum waqala ya asafa AAala yoosufa waibyaddat AAaynahu mina alhuzni fahuwa katheemun

84. And he turned away from them,
And said: "How great
Is my grief for Joseph!"
And his eyes became white
With sorrow, and he fell
Into silent melancholy.

85. Qaloo taAllahi taftao tathkuru yoosufa hatta takoona haradan aw takoona mina alhalikeena

85. They said: "By God!
(Never) wilt thou cease
To remember Joseph
Until thou reach the last
Extremity of illness,
Or until thou die!"

86. Qala innama ashkoo baththee wahuznee ila Allahi waaAAlamu mina Allahi ma la taAAlamoona

86. He said: "I only complain
Of my distraction and anguish
To God, and I know from God
That which ye know not…

87. Ya baniyya ithhaboo fatahassasoo min yoosufa waakheehi wala tay-asoo min rawhi Allahi innahu la yay-asu min rawhi Allahi illa alqawmu alkafiroona

87. "O my sons! go ye
And enquire about Joseph
And his brother, and never
Give up hope of God's
Soothing Mercy: truly
No one despairs of God's
Soothing Mercy, except
Those who have no faith."

88. Falamma dakhaloo AAalayhi qaloo ya ayyuha alAAazeezu massana waahlana alddurru waji/na bibidaAAatin muzjatin faawfi lana alkayla watasaddaq AAalayna inna Allaha yajzee almutasaddiqeena

88. Then, when they came
(Back) into (Joseph's) presence
They said: "O exalted one!
Distress has seized us
And our family: we have
(Now) brought but scanty capital:
So pay us full measure,
(We pray thee), and treat it
As charity to us: for God
Doth reward the charitable."

89. Qala hal AAalimtum ma faAAaltum biyoosufa waakheehi ith antum jahiloona

89. He said: "Know ye
How ye dealt with Joseph
And his brother, not knowing
(What ye were doing)?"

90. Qaloo a-innaka laanta yoosufa qala ana yoosufu wahatha akhee qad manna Allahu AAalayna innahu man yattaqi wayasbir fa-inna Allaha la yudeeAAu ajra almuhsineena

90. They said: "Art thou indeed
Joseph?" He said . "I am
Joseph, and this is my brother:
God has indeed been gracious
To us (all): behold, he that is
Righteous and patient,—never
Will God suffer the reward
To be lost, of those
Who do right."

91. Qaloo taAllahi laqad atharaka Allahu AAalayna wa-in kunna lakhati-eena

91. They said: "By God! Indeed
Has God preferred thee
Above us, and we certainly
Have been guilty of sin!"

92. Qala la tathreeba AAalaykumu alyawma yaghfiru Allahu lakum wahuwa arhamu alrrahimeena

92. He said: "This day
Let no reproach be (cast)
On you; God will forgive you,
And He is the Most Merciful
Of those who show mercy!

93. Ithhaboo biqameesee hatha faalqoohu AAala wajhi abee ya/ti baseeran wa/toonee bi-ahlikum ajmaAAeena

93. "Go with this my shirt,
And cast it over the face
Of my father: he will
Come to see (clearly). Then come
Ye (here) to me together
With all your family."

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