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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph. Index
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Sūra XII.: Yūsuf, or Joseph.

Section 9

69. Walamma dakhaloo AAala yoosufa awa ilayhi akhahu qala innee ana akhooka fala tabta-is bima kanoo yaAAmaloona

69. Now when they came
Into Joseph's presence,
He received his (full) brother
To stay with him. He said
(To him): "Behold! I am thy (own)
Brother; so grieve not
At aught of their doings."

70. Falamma jahhazahum bijahazihim jaAAala alssiqayata fee rahli akheehi thumma aththana mu-aththinun ayyatuha alAAeeru innakum lasariqoona

70. At length when he had furnished
Them forth with provisions
(Suitable) for them, he put
The drinking cup into
His brother's saddle-bag.
Then shouted out a Crier:
"O ye (in) the Caravan!
Behold! ye are thieves,
Without doubt!"

71. Qaloo waaqbaloo AAalayhim matha tafqidoona

71. They said, turning towards them:
"What is it that ye miss?"

72. Qaloo nafqidu suwaAAa almaliki waliman jaa bihi himlu baAAeerin waana bihi zaAAeemun

72. They said: "We miss
The great beaker of the king;
For him who produces it,—
Is (the reward of)
A camel load; I
Will be bound by it."

73. Qaloo taAllahi laqad AAalimtum ma ji/na linufsida fee al-ardi wama kunna sariqeena

73. (The brothers) said: "By God!
Well ye know that we
Came not to make mischief
In the land, and we are
No thieves!"

74. Qaloo fama jazaohu in kuntum kathibeena

74. (The Egyptians) said: "What then
Shall be the penalty of this,
If ye are (proved) to have lied?"

75. Qaloo jazaohu man wujida fee rahlihi fahuwa jazaohu kathalika najzee alththalimeena

75. They said: "The penalty
Should be that he
In whose saddle-bag
It is found, should be held
(As bondman) to atone
For the (crime). Thus it is
We punish the wrong-doers!"

76. Fabadaa bi-awAAiyatihim qabla wiAAa-i akheehi thumma istakhrajaha min wiAAa-i akheehi kathalika kidna liyoosufa ma kana liya/khutha akhahu fee deeni almaliki illa an yashaa Allahu narfaAAu darajatin man nashao wafawqa kulli thee AAilmin AAaleemun

76. So he began (the search)
With their baggage,
Before (he came to) the baggage
Of his brother: at length
He brought it out of his
Brother's baggage. Thus did We
Plan for Joseph. He could not
Take his brother by the law
Of the king except that God
Willed it (so). We raise
To degrees (of wisdom) whom
We please: but over all
Endued with knowledge is One,
The All-Knowing.

77. Qaloo in yasriq faqad saraqa akhun lahu min qablu faasarraha yoosufu fee nafsihi walam yubdiha lahum qala antum sharrun makanan waAllahu aAAlamu bima tasifoona

77. They said: "If he steals,
There was a brother of his
Who did steal before (him)."
But these things did Joseph
Keep locked in his heart,
Revealing not the secrets to them.
He (simply) said (to himself):
"Ye are the worse situated;
And God knoweth best
The truth of what ye assert!"

78. Qaloo ya ayyuha alAAazeezu inna lahu aban shaykhan kabeeran fakhuth ahadana makanahu inna naraka mina almuhsineena

78. They said: "O exalted one!
Behold! he has a father,
Aged and venerable, (who will
Grieve for him); so take
One of us in his place;
For we see that thou art
(Gracious) in doing good."

79. Qala maAAatha Allahi an na/khutha illa man wajadna mataAAana AAindahu inna ithan lathalimoona

79. He said: "God forbid
That we take other than him
With whom we found
Our property: indeed
(If we did so), we should
Be acting wrongfully.

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