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Sūra III.: Āl-i-’Imrān, or The Family of ’Imrān. Index
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Sūra III.: Āl-i-’Imrān, or The Family of ’Imrān.

Section 16

149. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo in tuteeAAoo allatheena kafaroo yaruddookum AAala aAAqabikum fatanqaliboo khasireena

149. O ye who believe!
If ye obey the Unbelievers,
They will drive you back
On your heels, and ye
Will turn back (from Faith)
To your own loss.

150. Bali Allahu mawlakum wahuwa khayru alnnasireena

150. Nay, God is your Protector,
And He is the best of helpers.

151. Sanulqee fee quloobi allatheena kafaroo alrruAAba bima ashrakoo biAllahi ma lam yunazzil bihi sultanan wama/wahumu alnnaru wabi/sa mathwa alththalimeena

151. Soon shall We cast terror
Into the hearts of the Unbelievers
For that they joined companions
With God, for which He had sew
No authority: their abode
Will be the Fire: and evil
Is the home of the wrong-doers!

152. Walaqad sadaqakumu Allahu waAAdahu ith tahussoonahum bi-ithnihi hatta itha fashiltum watanazaAAtum fee al-amri waAAasaytum min baAAdi ma arakum ma tuhibboona minkum man yureedu alddunya waminkum man yureedu al-akhirata thumma sarafakum AAanhum liyabtaliyakum walaqad AAafa AAankum waAllahu thoo fadlin AAala almu/mineena

152. God did indeed fulfil
His promise to you
When ye with His permission
Were about to annihilate
Your enemy,—until ye flinched
And fell to disputing
About the order,
And disobeyed it
After He brought you in sight
(Of the Booty) which ye covet.
Among you are some
That hanker after this world
And some that desire
The Hereafter. Then did He
Divert you from your foes
In order to test you.
But He forgave you:
For God is full of grace
To those who believe.

153. Ith tusAAidoona wala talwoona AAala ahadin waalrrasoolu yadAAookum fee okhrakum faathabakum ghamman bighammin likay la tahzanoo AAala ma fatakum wala ma asabakum waAllahu khabeerun bima taAAmaloona

153. Behold! ye were climbing up
The high ground, without even
Casting a side glance
At any one, and the Apostle
In your rear was calling you
Back. There did God give you
One distress after another
By way of requital,
To teach you not to grieve
For (the booty) that had escaped you
And for (the ill) that had befallen you.
For God is well aware
Of all that ye do.

154. Thumma anzala AAalaykum min baAAdi alghammi amanatan nuAAasan yaghsha ta-ifatan minkum wata-ifatun qad ahammat-hum anfusuhum yathunnoona biAllahi ghayra alhaqqi thanna aljahiliyyati yaqooloona hal lana mina al-amri min shay-in qul inna al-amra kullahu lillahi yukhfoona fee anfusihim ma la yubdoona laka yaqooloona law kana lana mina al-amri shay-on ma qutilna hahuna qul law kuntum fee buyootikum labaraza allatheena kutiba AAalayhimu alqatlu ila madajiAAihim waliyabtaliya Allahu ma fee sudoorikum waliyumahhisa ma fee quloobikum waAllahu AAaleemun bithati alssudoori

154. After (the excitement)
Of the distress, He sent down
Calm on a band of you
Overcome with slumber,
While another band
Was stirred to anxiety
By their own feelings,
Moved by wrong suspicions
Of God—suspicions due
To Ignorance. They said:
"What affair is this of ours?"
Say thou: "Indeed, this affair
Is wholly God's." They hide
In their minds what they
Dare not reveal to thee.
They say (to themselves):
"If we had had anything
To do with this affair,
We should not have been
In the slaughter here."
Say: "Even if you had remained
In your homes, those
For whom death was decreed
Would certainly have gone forth
To the place of their death";
But (all this was)
That God might test
What is in your breasts
And purge what is
In your hearts.
For God knoweth well
The secrets of your hearts.

155. Inna allatheena tawallaw minkum yawma iltaqa aljamAAani innama istazallahumu alshshaytanu bibaAAdi ma kasaboo walaqad AAafa Allahu AAanhum inna Allaha ghafoorun haleemun

155. Those of you
Who turned back
On the day the two hosts
Met,—it was Satan
Who caused them to fail,
Because of some (evil)
They had done. But God
Has blotted out (their fault):
For God is Oft-forgiving,
Most Forbearing.

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