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Sūra III.: Āl-i-’Imrān, or The Family of ’Imrān. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra III.: Āl-i-’Imrān, or The Family of ’Imrān.

Section 15

144. Wama muhammadun illa rasoolun qad khalat min qablihi alrrusulu afa-in mata aw qutila inqalabtum AAala aAAqabikum waman yanqalib AAala AAaqibayhi falan yadurra Allaha shay-an wasayajzee Allahu alshshakireena

144. Muhammad is no more
Than an Apostle: many
Were the Apostles that passed away
Before him. If he died
Or were slain, will ye then
Turn back on your heels?
If any did turn back
On his heels, not the least
Harm will he do to God;
But God (on the other hand)
Will swiftly reward those
Who (serve him) with gratitude.

145. Wama kana linafsin an tamoota illa bi-ithni Allahi kitaban mu-ajjalan waman yurid thawaba alddunya nu/tihi minha waman yurid thawaba al-akhirati nu/tihi minha wasanajzee alshshakireena

145. Nor can a soul die
Except by God's leave,
The term being fixed
As by writing. If any
Do desire a reward
In this life, We shall give it
To him; and if any
Do desire a reward
In the Hereafter, We shall
Give it to him.
And swiftly shall We reward
Those that (serve us with) gratitude.

146. Wakaayyin min nabiyyin qatala maAAahu ribbiyyoona katheerun fama wahanoo lima asabahum fee sabeeli Allahi wama daAAufoo wama istakanoo waAllahu yuhibbu alssabireena

146. How many of the Prophets
Fought (in God's way),
And with them (fought)
Large bands of godly men?
But they never lost heart
If they met with disaster
In God's way, nor did
They weaken (in will)
Nor give in. And God
Loves those who are
Firm and steadfast.

147. Wama kana qawlahum illa an qaloo rabbana ighfir lana thunoobana wa-israfana fee amrina wathabbit aqdamana waonsurna AAala alqawmi alkafireena

147. All that they said was:
"Our Lord! forgive us
Our sins and anything
We may have done
That transgressed our duty:
Establish our feet firmly,
And help us against
Those that resist

148. Faatahumu Allahu thawaba alddunya wahusna thawabi al-akhirati waAllahu yuhibbu almuhsineena

148. And God gave them
A reward in this world,
And the excellent reward
Of the Hereafter. For God
Loveth those who do good.

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