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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. Richness and poverty shall be after being judges by Allah.
2. Poverty is the grand death.
3. The most honourable richness is to leave the pride (about it).
4. May there be a poor man who is richer than every rich man.
5. The richest richness, the satisfaction (about what one has).
6. No richness with the bad planning.
7. Money is the amusement of the heirs.
8. Richness makes authority for someone other than the master.
9. Got rich who was satisfied about destiny.
10. No poverty with good planning.
11. He is not poor who has a good understanding.
12. A person does not dignify himself until he humiliates his money.
13. Who depended on Allah is in no need for His slaves.
14. No pride in money except with generosity.
15. He is not given money who does not spend it.
16. Fortune is not gained by wishing.
17. He did not gain money who does not fix it.
18. No richness with squandering.
19. No poverty with chastity.
20. No poverty for a wise man.
21. A rich man is not saved from death for the money he has.
22. Be satisfied and you shall be rich.
23. How many a rich man are there that are useless.
24. No richness for an ignorant.
25. He shall not be poor who is a monk.
26. Every miser is a poor man.
27. Satisfaction (about what one has) is linked to richness.
28. The damage of poverty is safer than the evil of richness.
29. The most devilish of money is what brings the curses.
30. The deeds of money shall vanish when it (money) vanishes.
31. The bad planning is the key to poverty.
32. The reason for poverty, squandering.
33. The zakat (almsgiving) of money, is to give. [Zakat in general means something that purifies the money].
34. May there be a rich man who is poorer than the poor.
35. May there be a poverty that gains the richness.
36. May there be a richness that brings the poverty.
37. The dirham of the poor man is beloved to Allah more than the dinar of the rich man. [A dinar is equal to 10 dirhams].

38. The best richness is the richness of the soul.
39. The love of money worsens the end.

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