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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. Remember the stopping of the lusts and the remaining of the consequences.
2. Who remembers how far the travel is shall be make himself ready.
3. Leaving is near.
4. The breath of the man is his steps to his end.
5. The people of this life are like riders taken away while they are asleep.
6. The wise man should give for his after-life and build the place of his living.
7. The beauty of lust do not satisfy the torture of hell.
8. No remains of age with the continuation of day and night.
9. No absent is closer than death.
10. Life is the passage to the after-life.
11. Trusting the life is a stupidity.
12. Age is made of counted breaths.
13. Nothing is more truthful like death.
14. His wishes are granted, who works for the lasting place.
15. No comer is closer than death.
16. Life is a passage and the after-life is a place of settlement.
17. How close is the living to the dead, for soon it will follow.
18. Who asks for death is not spared.
19. It is a trouble to corrupt the after-life.
20. For everything living there is a death.
21. Who remembers how long is the way of travel, should be ready.
22. Who does not prefer the after-life upon this life, he is then mindless.
23. Everything from the after-life is eternal.
24. How is he safe from death who asks for it?
25. Who sees death with the eye of his true belief, he shall see it soon.
26. In working for the after-life, success is reached.
27. Who is certain of the end, shall take a lot of supplies.
28. The absent death is the the one waiting with rights, and the closest comer.
29. I am amazed for an ignorant and death is running after him.
30. The goal of the after-life is eternity.
31. He is busy away from paradise who has the hell in front of him.
32. Mentioning the after-life is a medicine and a cure.
33. Mentioning death, lessens the reasons for life.
34. The sweetness of the after-life removes the bitterness of troubles in this life.
35. The rewards of the after-life makes you forget the tiresome times of life.
36. Your stay is to end, and your end is to be eternal.
37. Start before the coming of the awaited absent.
38. Start before the take of Almight.
39. Start before the fear (of death) and letting go of the soul.
40. Start with your richness before your poverty and with your life before your death.
41. If mourners come to you a lot, the mourners shall mourn you.
42. It is an adversity to corrupt the after-life.
43. The one who wins a lot is he who buys the after-life with his life.
44. Where are the giants (Amaliks) and the sons of the giants.
45. Where are the tyrants and the sons of tyrants.
46. Where are those who built the camps and cities.
47. Where are they who said "who is mightier than us, and more numerous."
48. Where is he, who strived and worked, and prepared and collected.
50. Where is he who built and constructed, and spread and prepared (the roads), and collected and counted. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].

51. Where is he who fortified and assured, and ornamented and upholstered.
52. Where are they who were longer than you in lives and made more traces (than you).
53. Where are the kings and kisras. [Kisra is the title of kingship in Persia in old days].
54. Where are Bani Al-Asfar (tribe) and the pharaohs. [Bani Al-Asfar, Arabic for: Children of the yellow one, it might be a title for the Romans and/or Byzantines, for at that time the Byzantines were already driven out of Arabia].

55. Where are those who owned the far lands in the world.
56. Where are they who enslaved the nations.
57. Is there anyone who awakes from his sleep before the time of his death.
58. Is there anyone who gets cautious from his ignorance before his time is over.
59. Is there anyone who is ready to meet his God before letting go of his soul.
60. Is there anyone who gets the supplies for his after-life before the time of his leaving.
61. Is there anyone who repents for his sins before the arrival of his death.
62. Be prepared for death for its shade hare hovering over you all.
63. Make your determination and seriousness for your after-life.
64. Paradise is the best end, and the hell is the most devilish of settlements.

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