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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. Life is made for others and not for itself.
2. It is for the low level of this life that Allah is disobeyed only in it, and nothing can be gotten from Him except by leaving it.

3. The bitterness of this life is the sweetness of the after-life, and the sweetness of this life is the bitterness of the after-life.

4. Life humiliates.
5. Life is the market of losing.
6. Life is the place of miserable ones.
7. Life is full of troubles, frequent with adversities and disasters.
8. The little of this life corrupts the faith.
9. Life gives you up.
10. Faith for the after-life is not useful with love for this life.
11. Being happy about life is a stupidity.
12. Life will end.
13. Life do not protect who takes refuge unto her.
14. Life is the deal of the tricked, and the human being is tricked by it.
15. The little of this life is enough, and too much of it would kill.
16. Life is divorced by the smart people.
17. The companion of the life is a target for adversities and changes.
18. Who turns away from life it shall come him by force.
19. Who is not satisfied with Allah away from this life, then he has no religion.
20. Who was gave life away then he did not miss it.
21. Who depends on this life, then he is a troublesome banned man.
22. Who fights against life shall be dead.
23. Who spends too much asking for life shall die poor.
24. Who races against life it shall go before him.
25. Who works for this life then had lost.
26. Who sells his after-life for his life then he had lost both.
27. If the people of this life understood, then this life would be destroyed.
28. How many are there who were sure about this life and then got troubled.
29. Who built his life then corrupted his after-life.
30. How many are there of wise men who corrupted their ends.
31. Who takes care of life is doomed.
32. Everything in this life shall over.
33. Who was tricked by this life, then shell be clogged with hopes.
34. How many are there who were trusting this life until it killed them.
35. Who was satisfied about this life, then missed the after-life.
36. Troubles were linked to the love of this life.
37. In leaving life, lies the path of success.
38. The ego of life kills.
39. In this life, the rest of the troubled ones.
40. The goal of this life is to end.
41. The divorce of this life is the dowry of paradise.
42. The health of this life is full of sickness, and its lusts are full of pains.
43. Asking for life, that is the head of disturbance.
44. The fixation of the after-life is to deny the life.
45. The most devilish of disturbances, the love of life.
46. The happiness of this life is ego, and its enjoyment is to end.
47. The ornaments of life corrupts the weak minds.
48. The reason for the corruption of mind is the love of this life.
49. The head of beasts, falling in love with this life.
50. Mentioning life is the sickest illness.
51. Mixing up with the children of this life, that is the head of adversity and the corruption of piety.
52. The love of life is the head of every sin.
53. The sweetness of this life is the bitterness of the after-life and the bad end.
54. The neighbour of this life is in war, and its abundance is troubled.
55. The love of life is the head for every disturbance, and the origin for every adversity.
56. The love of life is the reason for disturbances.
57. The love of life reveals the greed.
58. Bad is the place of life.
59. By death, life is ended.
60. The greatest adversities and troublesome times is the love of this life.
61. The smartest of people is he who refuses his life.
62. The best garment for this life is to reject it.
63. The greatest sin, the love of life.
64. The best of worshipping is to give life up.
65. Life is a place full of dangers.

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