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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. Slander is the work of the unable.
2. Every time someone plays a joke, he spits some part of his brain.
3. Who enlarges the little problems, Allah shall send over him the big ones.
4. Who trades without knowledge, then he crashed with usuary.
5. Who fights against the truth shall be doomed.
6. Who wants to keep his honour, then let him let go of disputes.
7. The biggest shame is to say about something it is a shameful thing, and you have something like it.
8. Avoid what Allah had prohibited when you are alone, for the Witness is the Ruler (Himself).
9. A jealous man never commits adultery. [Jealousy has different levels, and the level meant here is the fear of man upon his honour, and not the doubt of man about his wife].

10. The greedy is tightened by humility.
11. Dispute destroys the opinion.
12. The wonder of someone about himself, that is one of the jealousies of his mind.
13. Wondering avoids increments.
14. A man that does not know his level is doomed.
15. Greed is an eternal enslavement.
16. Who quitted saying "I do not know" his doom approached.
17. Who has the long hope, does the bad deeds.
18. Wronging (people) overtakes the favours.
19. Insisting (on bad things) brings the hell.
20. The free man is a slave as long he is greedy.
21. No rest for the envious.
22. Who obeys laziness shall squander the rights.
23. Injustice is enough to overtake the favours.
24. Misery (keeping money) is attached to tiresome times.
25. It is of misery to have the bad intentions.
26. Let go of playing jokes, for it is the seed of hate.
27. Wronging is a crime that shall not be forgotten.
28. The few of hypocrisy is infidelity.
29. No badness uglier than being proud of the good deeds.
30. The lasting ignorance blinds the insight.
31. The few of doubt disturbs the certainty.
32. No humility is greater than greed.
33. Whose hope was long, his deeds shall be bad.
34. The lasting injustice overtakes the favours and brings the adversities.
35. No one has pride unless he is a humiliated and a lazy one.
36. Nothing as bad as being a miser.
37. Greed is a humility in attendance.
38. The little greed spoils the abundance of piety.
39. No cheater and no one with pride of his good deeds shall enter paradise.
40. Humility is in begging people.
41. No lust there is in a finite lust.
42. The ignorant is a slave to his lust.
43. The envious never gets well.
44. No adversity is greater than envy.
45. Hypocrisy is the brother of infidelity.
46. The greedy is never satisfied.
47. The listener to the slander is like the one who says it.
48. No ill manner like cruelty.
49. The traitor has no loyalty.
50. The fighter against truth is hated.
51. Whoever takes pride in his deeds, his thanks giving is dropped.
52. No lust there is for the one who does the good deed with pride.
53. With time being late, shall be the regret.
54. Pride is the eye of the stupidity.
55. One of the greatest miseries, the cruelty.
56. No faith for a cheater.
57. Who likes his deeds, his rewards are dropped.
58. Squandering money is the title of poverty.
59. With hurry, mistakes are abundant.
60. No ignorance is greater than pride.
61. Who asks for glory without a right, then shall be humiliated.
62. Slandering is the sign of hypocrisy.
63. No manner is uglier than pride.
64. Who is proud of doing a favour, did not do it completely.
65. Who is not satisfied about his destiny, infidelity entered his religion (faith).
66. Disputing a lot is tearing.
67. How miserable is the living of the envious.
68. Who did not believe in the reward (good or bad), then his faith got interrupted with doubt.
69. Blabbering too much brings the shame.
70. Nothing is a liar like the hope.
71. The infidel is an infidel because he does not know.
72. Excusing too much, that is the sign of a miser.
73. So much greed, that is the title of the lessened piety.
74. No faith for whose repentance is always delayed.
75. No one is proud unless he is a low one.
76. Ignorance is enough to put someone down.
77. Who enlightens the fire of disturbance, shall be a fuel for it.
78. Wishing too much is a sign of the bad mind.
79. No health there is with a greedy.
80. How ugly is misery (with money) in abundance.
81. Who is proud of his good deeds, then as if he did not do any.
82. Who plants hatred shall gain the adversities.
83. Too much hatred is tiresome for the hearts.
84. Pride is enough to be a corruptor.
85. No favour for the one who takes pride with his good deeds.
86. The worst of injustice, is to be unjust toward the generous (nobles) ones.
87. No victory with injustice.
88. The worst of treachery, to be treacherous about deposits.
89. Squandering is enough to be an ill manner.
90. Being full (of stomach) makes diseases abundant.
91. No sickness is more severe than stupidity.
92. No character is worse than telling lies.
93. No one likes his opinion except of an ignorant.
94. The ugliest thing in treachery is to spread a secret.
95. From the mean ones, cruelty comes.
96. Nothing worsens religion like greed.
97. The ugliest thing in ill manners, the slander about the good people.
98. Silliness is enough to be a shame.
99. Nothing can be achieved with stupidity.
100. Religion is doomed by the desires.
101. Who does not give thanks for the favour, is forbidden from getting more.
102. No smartness with greed for food.
103. Because of dispute, people do not hit the target.
104. Pride is enough to be a humiliation.
105. No faith with the bad thought.
106. Who protects his secret from you then he accused you.
107. No shyness for a miser.
108. Who takes his own opinion, then he took the risk and seduced.
109. Greed is linked to humiliation.
110. Who wronged himself, then he shall more wrong to others.
111. No faith for him who has the bad thought.
112. Who is victorious to the unjust, shell be regretful.
113. In obeying the desire, lies all the errors.
114. Who wronged people, then Allah is his opponent.
115. No strangeness like misery (of money).
116. Who treats with injustice, shall be rewarded the same.
117. Who has no faith, has no rescue.
118. In obeying the self lies its own error.
119. No right in letting go of consulting.
120. Who paid evil for goodness shall be a loser.
121. The treachery of a man is a shame for him.
122. Who works with the not important shall miss the important.
123. No sickness like envy.
124. Who cares about the fortune of tomorrow shall never be successful.
125. In silliness and playing jokes too much lies the stupidity.
126. Chasing after the privacy of others, is one of the greatest shames.
127. No humiliation like begging.
128. Who took out the sword of treachery, then it shall be planted in his head.
129. The addict of lusts shall have many illnesses.
130. No enemy like the desire.
131. An honourable man is never unjust.
132. Who delivers to you a swear, then he swore at you.
133. Who exceeds his limits, shall be lowered by the people.
134. No favour with infidelity.
135. The gatherings of fun shall disturb the faith.
136. Misery (of money) brings the troubles.
137. Who is satisfied about himself, then so many shall be angry about him.
138. The pride of the low, is an invitation to lower him down.
139. Who does not fix himself, shall not fix the others.
140. No affection for an envious.
141. Who gets the full stomach, smartness shall be veiled from him.
142. Any two shall swear at each other, then the meanest of them shall win.
143. Who does not own his lust, then he does not own his mind.
144. Following after the flaws, is one of the ugliest shames and the most devilish of sins.
145. No faith for a traitor.
146. A chaste man never commits adultery.
147. Who gives you the news, spreads the news about you.
148. The poverty of the soul is the most devilish of poverty.
149. The corruption of religion, the greed.
150. Who does not grow his favour then he lost it.
151. No faith for a doubtful one.
152. The one using misery is a shameful and miserable one.
153. Who gives a favour and becomes proud of it, did not feel the satisfaction of it.
154. Desperation killed its owner.
155. Who gets owned by the greed then he is humiliated.
156. A little of greed spoils the faith.
157. No shyness for a liar.
158. He is doomed, who does not know his level.
159. Who enjoys doing the prohibitions of Allah, then He shall give him humiliation.
160. The dictator went wrong.
161. Who accuses himself then he is safe from the tricks of the devil.
162. Who rode over the sins shall be regretful.
163. No courage for a slanderer.
164. Who lies is doomed, and who claims is disappointed.
165. To hurry up the revenge, that is a character of the means.
166. A believer is never in doubt.
167. Who rode over his hopes, shall be troubled with his end.
168. Who was in hurry shall be humiliated.
169. Misery killed its rider.
170. Who is proud about himself, then his self shall drive him to the troubles.
171. The opinion of the one in hurry is rarely correct.
172. Who opposes the advices shall be doomed.
173. The black spot of generosity, squandering.
174. Who treats (others) with violence shall be regretful.
175. The reason to corrupt the belief, the greed.
176. Who was generous to himself, his self shall humiliate him.
177. The head of shames, the greed.
178. Who was ignorant to his self, then he doomed his self.
179. The reason for the corruption of the mind, the desires.
180. Who enters the entries of badness, shall be accused.
181. The result of hopes, the sorrow.
182. Who was satisfied about his own opinion then he is doomed.
183. The result of sins, the damage.
184. Who fights against the truth then shall lose.
185. The reason for disturbances, the envy.
186. The adversity is one, and if you are afraid, then they are two (adversities).
187. The result of hopes, the sorrow, and its fruit is the damage.
188. Who laughs a lot, then his respect is lessened.
189. The reason for the removal of the favours is the infidelity.
190. Who forgets Allah, He shall make him forget himself as well.
191. The obedience to misery is corruption to the belief.
192. The fruit of squandering is the blame.
193. Who has the bad thoughts, then his interior is bad as well.
194. The head of flaws, the envy.
195. Who jokes, is taken light.
196. The fruit of the late time, the regret.
197. Who liked himself shall be mocked at.
198. How hard is the sickness of stupidity.
199. Who mocked at something shall be troubled with it.
200. The head of ignorance, the injustice.
201. Who made himself great then shall be put down.
202. Obeying hope shall make the work worsen.
203. Who obeyed his self, he would kill it.
204. The head of the ill manners, the envy.
205. Who was in hurry shall face many obstacles.
206. How hard is the company of misery.
207. Who asks for guidance from someone was sent astray, then shall be sent astray.
208. Obeying desire corrupts the mind.
209. Who asks for help from a humiliated person shall be humiliated.
210. The fruit of hurrying, falling down.
211. Who cares less, shall face his doom.
212. Who does not notice shall have a hard time.
213. The fruit of liking (the self), the hatred.
214. Miserable is the character of slandering.
215. Who makes himself silly, shall be cursed.
216. The head of infidelity, treachery.
217. The fruit of greed, troublesome times.
218. Who offered his honour, shall be humiliated.
219. The fruit of the dispute, hatred.
220. The worst of all greed, the greed for food.
221. Who has a pride shall be humiliated.
222. Obeying women is the ultimate ignorance. [This is because the emotional side in a woman is greater than it would be in a man].

223. The head of ignorance, to be an enemy to the public.
224. The worst of all food, the Haram. [Haram means anything illegal or came by illegal ways].
225. Who pretends to be poor, shall be poor.
226. The fruit of the pride, the curse.
227. Who takes his opinion only, shall make a mistake.
228. The worst food ever, what was got by the money of an orphan.
229. Who had his enough with his mind shall be sent astray.
230. The head of all beasts, the love of lusts.
231. Who fight against the truth shall be dead.
232. The worst of necklaces, the necklace of sins.
233. Who wrongs (people), his life time shall be short.
234. Who got scared, his adversity shall be huge.
235. The injustice of a person shall make him fall down and kill him.
236. Who has no sincerity, has no faith.
237. The worst of habits, curiosity.
238. Whose reputation was bad, for his death people shall be glad.
239. He is sent astray, who was guided by something else other than the guidance of Allah.
240. Who planned in a bad way, his destruction would come right away.
241. The worst of all companions, the ignorant.
242. Who has the pride over people shall be humiliated.
243. The worst of friends is the envious.
244. Who rode over his desires shall fall down.
245. The injustice toward the weak, that is the evil of the injustice.
246. The worst of all speeches, the lie.
247. Who liked his own opinion then shall be sent astray.
248. The most devilish thing that one can occupy his leisure time with is, curiosity.
249. By injustice, the favours are taken out.
250. Who laughs a lot shall be put down.
251. By lying, the hypocrites ornament themselves.
252. Who plays a lot, shall be thought of as stupid.
253. The worst of deeds, the sin.
254. The injustice toward the surrendering person, that is the greatest crime.
255. The most devilish of people is he who thinks he is the best of them.
256. Who thinks himself to be safe from the trials of Allah then he is doomed.
257. The injustice toward the favours, that is the ugly pride.
258. The fruit of misery (of money), tiredness.
259. Who is glad for the corruption, shall feel bad for the after-life.
260. The fruit of arguing, the damage.
261. The worst of all supplies, doing the evil.
262. Whose play is much, his mind is lessened.
263. The obedience of the desire can be a killer.
264. The worst of injustice, the injustice toward the surrendering one.
265. Whose envy lasts long, then his grief shall be long.
266. The fruit of the inability, missing the chance.
267. To leave doing the sin, that is hard, and harder than that is to let go of paradise.
268. The worst of gains is the Haram.
269. Whose character is occupied by jest, his mind then is less.
270. By pride, the favour-giving is corrupted.
271. The winning of the mean shall be fatal.
272. The most devilish of people is, who people avoid him for his evil.
273. The worst companion for faith, the greed.
274. By injustice, the wrath is brought.
275. Being unjust toward the slaves (of Allah), that corrupts the after-life.
276. The most devilish of manners of the soul, the injustice.
277. The worst of men is he who sells his faith for the sake of another man's life.
278. The most devilish of opinions, is what opposes the law.
279. The increment in lust, puts down the courage.
280. The worst of lineage, the bad manners.
281. The most devilish of all deeds is what collapses the good deeds.
282. Your desire for someone that does not recognize you is humility.
283. The worst of works is to work on separating two people loving each other.
284. The ego is summed in being asleep in front of the enemy.
285. The worst necklace, is the necklace of debt.
286. The most devilish of people, is the one who wrongs the people.
287. Your desire in the impossible is an ignorance.
288. The worst of readiness, the dictatorship.
289. For the aggressor, there is a bad end.
290. When the intention is bad, the bless is removed up.
291. The worst supply for the after-life, that is aggression upon the slaves (of Allah).
292. Who laughs a lot, his heart shall die.
293. The goal of the infidel, the hell.
294. The worst habit, misery.
295. Who counts his favours, his generosity shall be destroyed.
296. The reason for hatred, arguing so much.
297. By being scared a lot, the adversity is enlarged.
298. Whose habits were bad, his family shall be tired of him.
299. When the reputation is bad, the interior becomes corrupted.
300. Who lies a lot, his truth shall not be believed.
301. May there be a cheater, that got killed by his cheating.
302. Delaying work, is a sign of laziness.
303. Who jokes a lot, his respect is lessened.
304. The fruit of doubts, bafflement.
305. Keeping on watching a flaw, that is shameful.
306. Whose manners are low, his flaws are abundant.
307. Lessening the sin, is greater than doing it.
308. Who fights against the one above him shall be a loser.
309. The rider of the sin shall be in hell.
310. Who accompanies misery, shall be not given the advices.
311. The pride of a person shall be put him down.
312. Who opposes the truth, Allah shall be his opponent.
313. The fruit of envy is the tiredness of life and the after-life.
314. The most devilish of people, who cheats upon the people.
315. The rider of injustice shall be reached by the loss.
316. The fruit of greed, the humiliation of this life and the after-life.
317. By pride, the favour-doing is neglected.
318. The most devilish of deeds, is what brings the sins.
319. The rider of arguments shall be exposed to the adversity.
320. The bad neighbour is the greatest hard time and the hardest adversity.
321. The fruit of hope, the corruption of the deed.
322. Who insisted on asking shall be banned.
323. Being satisfied about yourself is a sign for your bad mind.
324. Who insists has no planning.
325. An hour of humiliation does not fill to the dignity of the life time.
326. The rider of injustice, shall be flipped by his own boat.
327. A miser has no beloved one.
328. In misery lies the curse.
329. The rider of violence, it is hard for him to reach his goal.
330. The cutter of kinship relations has no relatives.
331. The most devilish of people, who helps against the wronged one.
332. The hearer of the slander is one of the slanderers.
333. Being scared bears no rewards.
334. The most devilish of children, the disobedient.
335. Riding the greed, cuts the necks of men.
336. The mean has no courage.
337. The habit of the evil ones, to oppose the good ones.
338. The habit of the evil ones, to harm the companions.
339. It is not of generosity to cut the kinship relations.
340. The most devilish of manners, lying and hypocrisy.
341. Riding the bad habits, that is the title of stupidity.
342. Squandering bears no honour.
343. The reason of corruption in piety, the greed.
344. Who asks for help from the weak, shows how weak he is.
345. May there be a deed that gets corrupted by the intention.
346. Who gets closer to the silly one, that shows how silly he is.
347. The beauty of evil, the greed.
348. Who sold his after-life for the sake of his life, then he lost both.
349. The reason of wickedness, being alone.
350. May there be a proud man that gives the heritage of corruption.
351. Who accompanies the evil ones shall not be safe.
352. The bad planning is the reason of destruction.
353. Avoid disappointing, deserting and cutting the kinship relations.
354. Whose worries are a lot, his body shall be sick.
355. May there be a cautious (a miser) who got killed by his own caution (misery).
356. Whose anxieties are a lot, his sadness is eternal.
357. An envious man has no friends.
358. Avoid treachery, for it is an avoidance of Islam.
359. Who lives for long time, his adversities are abundant.
360. The most devilish thing that would live in the heart, the grudge.
361. Avoid back-stabbing, for it is an avoidance to the Quran.
362. Who has no shyness, no goodness lies in him.
363. The bad manners are the troubles of living and the torture of the soul.
364. Neglecting the good deed, brings the prohibition.
365. The evil is summed in the company of the bad friend.
366. The bad manners are the most devilish of friends.
367. Who begs people so much, shall be humiliated.
368. The miser has no companion.
369. The slave of the lust is humiliated more than the slave of enslavement.
370. Who opposes the truth, shall be accompanied by weakness.
371. Lying is not a habit of the prophets.
372. The law of the mean ones, to deny the favour.
373. Who blames the men, then his enemies are a lot.
374. The proud one has no friends.
375. The shame of the defame, spoils the sweetness of the lust.
376. The bad intentions is a deep sickness.
377. Who lies a lot, his halo is lessened.
378. Cutting the kinship relations has bears no growth.
379. The weapon of meanness, the envy.
380. Whose lust is abundant, his courage is lessened.
381. Envy is not a character of the pious.
382. The slave of the misery, is eternal in his troublesome times.
383. To ask for paradise with working, that is stupidity.
384. Whose aggression lasts longer, his authority would be destroyed.
385. Flattery was not a manner of the prophets.
386. The one asking for goodness from the mean people shall be banned.
387. Who rides the speed, reaches the flaws.
388. By greed, the manners are corrupted.
389. If worshipping is lessened, sins are grown up.
390. By pride, hatred starts.
391. If the minds were lessened, then curiosity is grown up.
392. By laziness, missing the chance comes.
393. If doubts present themselves, the thoughts would go bad.
394. By misery, the troublesome time comes.
395. If the sins of the friend were so much, then happiness around him is lessened.
396. By desperation, doom is assured.
397. If the pious runs after people, then escape away from him.
398. According to the level of happiness, shall be the disturbance.
399. If the mean glorified you more, then humiliate him more.
400. According to the abundance of wrath, shall be the rashness.
401. The beast of faith, infidelity.
402. By avoiding the truth, error would be.
403. The beast of the belief, the doubt.
404. By doubting all the time, infidelity comes.
405. The beast of giving favours, neglecting them.
406. By being proud too much, corruption shall be.
407. If you did a good deed to a mean one, he shall trouble you with what you give him.
408. By avoiding the low deeds, you shall be safe from torture.
409. If the intention was bad, the adversity shall be revealed.
410. By greed, the necks of men shall be humiliated.
411. The beast of the honour, the pride.
412. The beast of kindness, humiliation.
413. The beast of economy, misery.
414. In evil lies rudeness.
415. The most unjust of people, who considers his injustice to be justice issued from his side.
416. In misery lies the tiredness.
417. The most destructive thing, the ever lasting error.
418. The evil that is punished for the fastest, the injustice.
419. The greatest of sins, a sin that was insisted upon by its doer.
420. The beginning of the desire (lust), disturbance, and its end is a trouble.
421. The weakest of enemies, is he who shows his enmity.
422. The ugliest of sins, cutting the kinship relations and disobedience (to parents).
423. The most regretful thing, the pass of chances.
424. What is harder than death, asking for something from people who are not capable of it.
425. The the most miserable one, who was a miser for greeting.
426. The most unjust of people, is he who was unjust to someone who was just to him.
427. The biggest shame, is to mock at something that you have in yourself.
428. The man troubled the most, is he who sells his religion for the life of someone else.
429. The ugliest of misery, to ban the money from the people deserving it.
430. He spoiled his religion who got naked of piety.
431. He got himself down who felt the greed in himself.
432. The beginning of lust, pleasure, and its end is to damage.
433. The beginning of fun, a play, and its end is to war.
434. The most hated creature for Allah is the doubtful (about his faith).
435. The affection that is the fastest to be over, the affection to the evil ones.
436. The worst injustice, if you banned the rights of Allah.
437. The most humiliated of people, is he who is not respectful to people.
438. The stupidest of people, is he who thinks he is the smartest of people.
439. The most unable of people, is he who is unable to pray (to Allah).
440. The one of people who has the longest hope, has the worst deeds.
441. The one of people who has abundance in hopes, remembers death a little.
442. The hardest of tasks, is to ask for what is in the hands of the mean ones.
443. The hardest thing is the unjust of the judges.
444. The ugliest excuse, is to spread the secret. (?)
445. The greatest of burden, is to not accept the excuse.
446. The ugliest thing an able man would do, is to revenge.
447. The greatest meanness, is to praise the cursed.
448. The meanest  aggression, is at the time of ability (to do so).
449. The greatest burden, to make the evil ones pure.
450. The greatest adversity, the poverty of the soul.
451. The ugliest truthfulness, is the praise of a man to himself.
452. The greatest treachery, is the treachery of the nation.
453. The most awful cheating, is cheating on the imams (leaders).
454. The worst of truthfulness, the slander.
455. The greatest ignorance, is the ignorance of man toward himself.
456. The worst man in living is the envious.
457. Who exaggerated in enmity is a sinner.
458. The most humiliated of people is the doubtful.
459. The ugliest of manners is treachery.
460. The ugliest of manners, greed.
461. The ugliest of characters, the pride.
462. The most troubled of people is the ignorant.
463. The most harmful thing is the greed.
464. The most harmful thing is the stupidity.
465. The worst thing ever is the stupidity.
466. The most destructive thing is the desire.
467. The strangest estrangement, is to like oneself.
468. The ugliest of characters is telling lies.
469. The ugliest of giving, the squandering of money.
470. The greatest adversity, is the stop of hope.
471. The most troubled of you, is the most miserable of you.
472. The greatest of troubles, the ignorance.
473. The most lying thing, the hope.
474. The poorest of poverty is stupidity.
475. Be aware of injustice, for the unjust person will not even smell the scent of paradise.
476. Be aware of the addiction of satisfaction (of food), for it raises up the sicknesses and illnesses.
477. Be aware of showing wickedness, for it is one of the hardest sins.
478. Be aware of hurrying up, for it is accompanied by falling down.
479. Be aware of stupidity, for it is the blackness of the manners.
480. Be aware of being silly, for it makes the companions lonely.
481. Be aware of being greedy (for food), for it spoils the piety and gets you into hell.
482. Be aware of anger, for its beginning is madness and its end is regret.
483. Be aware of being in hurry, for it is the title of missing and regret.
484. Be aware of injustice, for who wrongs (people), his days are hated.
485. All be aware of hopes, for they are an assured doom.
486. All be aware of anger, for it is a burning fire.
487. All be aware of envy, for it lowers down the soul.
488. All be aware of ignorance, for it is the corruption of the sense.
489. All be aware of misery, for it is meanness and a curse.
490. All be aware of cowardice, for it is a shame and a lessening in character.
491. All be aware of being hurry, for it inherits the regret.
492. All be aware of squandering (the money), for it reveals the blame.
493. All be aware of greed (of food), for it is a deadly character.
494. All avoid the evil, for the most devilish of evil is the doer.
495. All avoid misery, because its companion is captivated in humiliation and tiresome times.
496. The desires are a worshipped god.
497. Ingratitude, spoils the favour and reveals the wrath.
498. The grudge is a character of the evil ones.
499. The pride is a character of the low ones.
500. Fun spoils the might of seriousness.
501. Wrath reveals the hidden grudges.
502. Being proud of the sins is worse than riding them (doing them).
503. The mean one is worn the shame and harm the free men.
504. The pride is a fatal character, and who grows with it shall be lessened.
505. The stone that was taken by force in a house, is a sign for its corruption.
506. Hunger is better than the humility of submission.
507. Joking is a separation followed by hatred.
508. The envious one is always a sick man, and the miser is always a humiliated man.
509. The miser is a poor man even if he owned the corners of the world.
510. Wrath kills its owner and exposes his flaws.
511. Being a miser gains the shame and gets you into the hell.
512. The bad manners is one of the two tortures.
513. The cheater has a sweet tongue and bitter heart.
514. The hypocrite's tongue gives a delight, and his heart gives the harm.
515. The hypocrite has a beautiful exterior, and a sick interior.
516. Wickedness and being wicked, are not of Islam.
517. Lying and treachery are not characters of the honourable ones.
518. Aggression kills the men and make their ends near.
519. The envious one is happy with evil and sad with happiness.
520. Sadness and fear shall not get back what passed away.
521. Being led by the lust, that is the sickest illness.
522. The hopes trick you, and with the facts they leave you.
523. The miser is humiliated amongst his close ones.
524. Misery humiliates its companion, and glorifies the one avoiding it.
525. The favour is disturbed by repeating the pride about it.
526. The ignorant is he who cheats with the advice.
527. The adversity in religion is one of the greatest adversities. [Adversity in religion means that someone is in doubt about his own belief].

528. Life is a dream and being seduced by it, that is a regret.
529. Slandering is an unforgettable sin.
530. Envy is a sickness with no condolences.
531. Hopes make the eyes of the insight blind.
532. Poverty makes the smart one clueless about his argument.
533. The tyrant with injustice shall fall down by his sins.
534. The sleepy rider is accused of lying by his own dreams. (?)
535. The miser is a prisoner of humility and his captivity is never released.
536. Praising makes a state of pride, and gets you closer to the high state.
537. Preferring the luxury, cuts out the reasons of benefit.
538. Addiction to satisfaction (of food) inherits the reasons of pains.
539. Hope corrupts the work, and squander the end.
540. Anger corrupts the mind and blinds the eyes from the right path.
541. Ignorance slides the feet and inherits the regret.
542. Anger is an enemy, thus do not give yourself to it.
543. Being in hurry before the ability reveals the regret.
544. To dare to face the ruler, that is the greatest doom.
545. Being satisfied without the kings, that is the best ownership.
546. Racing to help the untruthfulness is meanness and treachery.
547. Meanness is to love money more than men.
548. Poverty with debt, that is the greatest tiredness.
549. Cheating is a character of the mean.
550. Being stupid in the homeland that is estrangement.
551. One in hurry is mistaken or almost he is.
552. The hypocrite is harmful and doubtful.
553. The tricked one is he whose faith is corrupted.
554. The ignorant is he who gets tricked by his desires and ego.
555. The hated manners are a result of the ignorance.
556. Silence without a thought is muteness.
557. Thinking in something else other than wisdom is madness.
558. The miser argues about excuses.
559. Untruthfulness are falling on destiny.
561. Blabbering conquers love. [Wrong numbering in the book itself, ignore it].
562. Gathering (the clues) weakens the argument.
563. Blabbering is close to the adversities.
564. The mean is he who gets proud repeatedly.
565. Being miser with what is available, that is a bad thought about the Worshipped (Allah).
566. The liar is on the edge of pit and humility.
567. Faith is innocent of hypocrisy.
568. Doubt turns off the light of the heart.
569. The ignorant looks by his eyes and sight.
570. The ignorant depends on his hope.
571. The ignorant is who was ignorant to his matter.
572. Rewarding the good deed with evil, that is infidelity.
573. The one in hurry is mistaken even though he might be a king.
574. The mean is ungrateful to the favours.
575. Anger is evil, if you obeyed it, it shall destroy.
576. Getting back to the sin that is insisting.
577. The strange one who has no beloved ones.
578. The ignorant is he who was tricked by the goals.
579. Exaggerating in jokes is stupidity.
580. When someone likes himself, that is stupidity.
581. Greed for food is one of the bad manners.
582. Lying leads to hypocrisy.
583. Arguing in faith corrupts the certainty.
584. Formality is a character of the hypocrites.
585. The ordered matters are disturbed by arguing.
586. The hearer of the slander is like the one saying it.
587. Tricking who trusts you is infidelity.
588. Slandering is the food of the dogs of hell.
589. Showing poverty brings poverty. [Meaning pretending to be poor].
590. Promise is a sickness, and its cure is to fulfil it.
591. Envy is the greatest flaw of Iblees (Lucifer, Satan).
592. Pride is the greatest trap of Iblees.
593. Misery falls in many flaws.
594. Greed of food is a collector for the shameful traits.
595. The ignorant is dead though he is alive.
596. Lying is the corruption of everything.
597. The ignorant is he who ignored his level.
598. Boredom corrupts the brotherhood.
599. Misery lowers the courage down.
600. Injustice kills its owner.
601. The untruthfulness slides with its rider.
602. The life is the place of trials.
603. Greed humiliates the prince.
604. The winner with evil is a loser.
605. The desires are the ride of disturbance.
606. Envy creates the hope.
607. Begging is the key to poverty.
608. The envious shall not dominate.
609. The doubtful has no faith.
610. The wicked has no doubts. [No doubts concerning his honour].
611. The one who likes himself, has no mind.
612. Ignorance brings ego.
613. Insisting is the most devilish of opinions.
614. Ignorance the most harmful enemy.
615. The envy disturbs the living.
616. The anger is the boat of recklessness.
617. Injustice is the lost of people.
618. Insistence is the title of damage.
619. The greed (for food) erupts the anger.
620. Aggression reveals destruction.
621. Injustice reveals the hell.
622. Sinning prevents the answers (of prayers).
623. Recklessness disturbs the living.
624. Pride of the favour corrupts the favour.
625. The envious is always sick.
626. The miser is always humiliated.
627. Misery produces hatred.
628. Greed is an eternal enslavement.
629. Lying reveals the hatred.
630. Lying lowers the human.
631. Hypocrisy corrupts the faith.
632. Hypocrisy is the twin of infidelity.
633. Treachery is equal to lying.
634. Liking oneself corrupts the mind.

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